Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It Feels Good To Be Crafty

You know we cloth diaper right? Well, the last 6 weeks or so I have been using disposables because I couldn't get the ammonia out of the diapers and it was causing a terrible rash on poor Grahammy's little bum area. I had to switch over until I could strip the diapers of the ammonia build up. Well, the summer has been wonderful and I haven't bothered with working on the diapers. I decided that part of the problem was that our original diaper pail was too large and since I wait for the pail to fill before washing the diapers it was allowing too much time for the pee to saturate the diapers.

The proposed solution was to get a smaller pail, about half the size, and then sew a liner for it so I could carry the diapers to the basement. I got to go to Wally World and pick out some cool fabric and made these awesome liners. They are flamin'! I borrowed my friend's sewing machine which works WAY better than mine and she helped me figure out how to make it. She has a lot more sewing experience than I do. I am so proud of my liners! And I figure that they can be recycled after they are no longer used as diaper liners. I'm thinking for a stuffed animal holder, super heroes cave, general toy carrier.... I actually have enough fabric left over to make 2 more and I was thinking that Ewan and Isaac might having a satchel to carry around some of their toys.

I'm proud of my creation so I had to boast about it! Plus, what little boy wouldn't dig such awesome fabric?


Sharon M said...

So, uh, what is your treatment for "ammonia build-up"? We've been having the same problem.

Dawn said...

That is awesome!! You rock.

amelia said...

I am going to strip them by washing them without soap in hot water until I no longer see any film or suds during the agitation cycle. I think I will probably do a vinegar wash first. I have never been very consistent at using a vinegar rinse but I have read that putting vinegar in a downy ball in the wash will release it at the right time. So, the plan is to strip and hope for the best!