Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Feel Like A Brave Mommy

The weather here has been beautiful during the day. It is the kind of weather where you want to be outside as much as you can because it is brisk in the mornings but lovely in the afternoons. It is a sign that cold weather is coming and that I had better enjoy the sunny afternoons while I still can. I got dinner going by putting a chicken in the oven and asked the boys if they wanted to go swimming or go to the "super cool" park. Swimming won the vote and I immediately wasn't sure if I was really ready to take all the boys swimming by myself.

I quickly tried to convince Ewan that we would have more time at the park but he was insistent on swimming. So we had to go. If I wasn't sure I shouldn't have opened my big mouth!

Ewan wears a swim pack that the Y has for kids and Isaac has a swim vest he scootles around in. The swim pack isn't as floatatious (is that a WORD?) as a swim vest. It keeps him from sinking but gives him lots of freedom to swim around the pool. Isaac can go where he wants in the vest and I worry about him less since it keeps him pretty upright.

So we all got in the pool with me holding Graham and the other two swimming around. The Y has some fun floaty rafts and exercise floats that the kids can play with. So they swam while I played with Graham and we had a great time. It wasn't hard at all and I think I am going to try and do it every week. Even though I don't get as much exercise as the boys do from swimming since I am holding Graham it is still fun and relaxing. I love that feeling of getting out of the water after swimming.

I faced one of my fears and got everyone in the pool with just me. Whew! I think it was worth it because I discovered a great way to spend the afternoon. And it will be a great way to spend some of the cold winter afternoons. We may have to go twice a week to beat the gray winter blues!

Yay me!

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