Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things (I Could Never Say)

Kids have it great, don't they? Sometimes I think they can get away with almost anything?

Yesterday, we went shopping for clothes. I thought we were shopping for clothes for the kids, but pretty soon we were shopping for clothes for me and for the boys...and then for mommy, too. I wanted her to try on this cute top that I thought she'd look "smokin'" in.

Minutes later from the dressing room, I hear a voice from my dearest, "Daddy, come here, please." So, I go into the dressing room followed by two boys traipsing behind. The usual discourse ensues:

"Wow," I say, "You look great!"

"Really?" says she, "You don't think I look too fat?"

"No, you look awesome! You should get it."

Meanwhile, two little boys are crawling around our feet in this 4'x4' ceiling-less cell. (I had the baby in my arms.)
So, neither Amelia nor I had really noticed that Ewan had snuggled up in front of her with his hands in the "up-up" position (like he would if he wanted her to pick him up).

Amelia pauses to look in the mirror again when...

Ewan suddenly gives her a total double "honk-honk" with his hands and declares for all the dressing rooms to hear:

"Mom, your nursies look GREAT!"

Two parents bury their faces in their shirts and laugh silently and uncontrollably!

And I wonder to myself, "Now why didn't I just say THAT!" =)

Ah, kids, they say the darndest things!


Grace H. Lin said...

Haha that's hilarious =)

Sharon M said...

So, did you get the top? It looks pretty!

Mimi said...

Too funny --- I'm betting Mommy looked great -- still trying to picture all 5 in a dressing room! Love,

mamabrown said...

Hee, hee, hee! Still laughing.....can just imagine your faces...was Ewan bewildered at the laughter?

Kelly said...

I sure hope you got this top!

amelia said...

I did get the shirt although the one in the picture isn't the exact same shirt but it is close enough!