Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Memorable Conversation

Isaac still wears a diaper for his naptime and bedtime. I really want to get him out of the diapers for nap time but he has had a bad habit of pooping in his diaper either before he falls asleep or right after he wakes up. I would rather not clean up a poopie bottom at all but I'd rather clean it out of a diaper over underwear.

The other day he pooped before he came out of his room. Feeling a little put out, I told him firmly that he is a big boy now and that diapers are not made for big boys to poop in. I told him that he is almost 4 and that he needs to get out of diapers for nap time soon. He is big enough to get out of bed, take off the diaper and poop in the potty. I told him that it is a little gross for mommy to clean the dirty diaper.

He very sweetly said he was sorry. Here is the rest of the conversation:

Isaac: I'm sorry, mom. Really, I am.
Mommy: I know, Isaac. I believe you. I just want you to go poop in the toilet rather than the toilet.
Isaac: Okay.
Mommy: You know that I love you, right?
Isaac: Really?
Mommy: Of course! I love you very, very much!
Isaac: Thanks mom, I needed that.

And he ran off to play with his brother.


The Herd said...

Too cute! I just got finished reading all the last five or so posts. My favs were the rant about signs and sweets and the beach photos! We have the same sign issue in Russia---no signs or the signs are on the buildings at the corner(which street are they referring to!!!). Yikes!

mamabrown said...

well, guess we will see what happens next. He constantly surprises do all the kids. They do keep you guessing what will happen next, don't they?