Friday, September 12, 2008

Graham is 1!

A few hours old

Two Months old

6 Months old

9 Months Old

11Months Old

The birthday boy eating his cake.

Graham turned 1 on September 3rd and what an amazing year it has been! I love that sweet boy so much. He weighs 26 lbs. and is about 32 inches tall. He says "night, night", "bye-bye", "this". He waves, signs milk, fan, and lights. He loves his brothers and he thinks his daddy hung the moon. He also loves climbing the stairs--in fact I would say he is passionate about climbing them, much to my chagrin. He likes crashing blocks, playing with balls, and enjoys playing with anything that looks like a stick, markers included. We had a small birthday gathering for him and he loved all his presents. He got some blocks from the grandparents, a ball maze from us, a hammer peg toy and some books from some friends. I am looking forward to another amazing year with him!


Mimi & Papa said...

Awesome pictures!! It's so cool to see his growth over just one year.....we can't wait to see him and hear him!! Love you all

Dawn said...

wow, i can't believe it's been a year!!! he is totally awesome.

Sharon M said...

I love the picture progression. He is so darling! Our chica turns one tomorrow. This year really seems to have gone by quickly! She, like Graham, is a fan of crawling up stairs. Unfortunately, she hasn't quite figured out how to get down.

mamabrown said...

Such a sweetie bear! He is so precious. Amazing progresson of growth shown in pictures. His smiles are so wonderful....he just turns on the charm with that smile and those blue, blue eyes! We love Graham, Isaac and Ewan! We love Amelia and Jon! We love you very much. We miss you too! Love and kisses, Grandma