Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving=Yummy=Lots of Work

We had a lovely Thanksgiving meal together with my mom and stepdad, and our neighbors and friends, The Prescotts. The kids enjoyed the smoked turkey as did the rest of us. I'd definitely go through all the trouble to do that again. Delish! The Prescotts brought sweet potato casserole and green bean casserole

This year was the first time I was "head chef". I have been a helper in the kitchen to the head chef, and have brought several sides to a meal before but I gotta tell ya, you just don't appreciate the Thanksgiving meal until you have experienced being the Head Chef. There were several times I felt like Monica Geller from Friends wanting to yell at anyone who messed up my system-- "Get OUT of MY kitchen!"

One example: I was making homemade rolls--the dough was rising in the bread machine and someone (okay, Jon) unplugged the bread machine while the dough was in the middle of the process. WHAT!?? Are you kidding me? Now I have MORE work to do--ARGH!

Had I been a more sanctified wife, I would have just said, " eh, no problem we have plenty of ingredients to make another batch." I felt bad for him later that he was on the receiving end of the wrath of the head chef. It was like an out of body experience. He was making chocolate chip cookies with the boys and needed the plug. Part of the problem was that I should have said that making cc cookies was not a good idea in the first place. But they had fun--Jon's fun ended when I found out about the rolls.

There were many times during the day when I was wondering if going through all the work of cooking all this food was worth a 30 minute meal. Is it? It seems to me that in my experience of Thanksgiving meals that whoever the head chef is gets stressed and overburdened. In order to avoid that you need a qualified sous chef who knows your system and how you like things done. The only person I have seen who doesn't get grumpy while being Thanksgiving Meal Head Chef is my mother-in-law.

Jon was very quick to say that we don't have to do Thanksgiving meals and go through all the trouble which I appreciated. It does seem like there isn't much of a choice to be counter-cultural and NOT do Thanksgiving with all the turkey etc. My kids would grow up saying something like, "My mom doesn't cook Thanksgiving dinner because she doesn't think we are worth the effort or because she is lazy." I did think that we could have a time to be thankful over a normal meal--or why wait until ONE day of the year to concentrate on being thankful. Shouldn't we do that ALL year long?

When it came time to sit down and eat, all my crabby, cynical attitudes melted away and I was glad to share a special meal with my family and friends. I am thankful for my family, friends and all the ways that God has provided for our family over the past year and a half in particular.

I do think that when you go through all the effort to make a meal that large it is better to have as many people as possible.

The funniest part of our time of Thanksgiving was when we went around the table sharing one thing we are thankful for. When it came to Isaac's turn he very innocently stated, "I'm thankful for the bums on our bodies." He has never shared that before in any setting and he truly wasn't trying to be funny--which made it even funnier. I know for me that all the stress I felt before of the food getting cold or being done on time melted away as I had a nice hearty, although slightly hidden, belly laugh.

I took some pictures of our feast for you to enjoy along with me.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Smoked Bird?

Here is what I'm cooking for tomorrow.  

Anyone want to join us?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Birth is Amazing

I have been to 2 homebirths in the past 2 weeks and I am once again amazed at how strong women are, how support from others is VITAL during birth, and how babies enter the world. Both times I got choked up as the mammas were near the end of pushing out their babies.

The most recent birth was a mamma to 4 kiddos, pregnant with her 5th. She worked long and hard to have her sweet baby. I was at her house for almost 48 hours. Too bad I'm not paid by the hour :). It was a lesson for me about patience during a long labor. I can understand why hospitals are more likely to meddle in a slow going birth. This mamma would have had quite a bit of intervention to have her baby sooner had she been in the hospital. Even though it was slow, both her and the baby were strong and healthy. One of the sweetest things about the birth was that the family are strong in their faith and when the baby was born, everyone was crying and praising the Lord after such a long and tedious labor. The oldest child was in the room when the baby was born and she was blown away by the birth of her new baby brother. She cried quite a bit and thought it was beautiful. All the other siblings were outside the door waiting to pop in after the birth to meet their newest sibling.

I am feeling more comfortable with my responsibilities as an assistant now and am better able to anticipate the needs of the midwife. It is a lot of on the job training.

I have learned something new at all 3 births I have been to and I am thankful for this experience. The midwife I work for is probably not going to take very many, if any, new clients. That makes me sad--but this whole thing came to be out of God's timing so I think that He must have some other things in store for me. The midwife asked me what I see my future is in birth work. I'm not sure--I would LOVE to keep being an assistant should any other doors open up for me. And I will keep teaching birth classes. I am planning on being a doula/back up coach to one of the couples in my latest series, so maybe doula is in my future too.

Maybe I'll have another blog someday about my tales as a birth junkie.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Got any $$ Saving Tips?

Lauren, over at Gigglepotamus is having a product giveaway. If you leave a comment on tips about how to save $$ during these difficult economic times then you get one entry.  If you link to her blog and/or her etsy shop you get 5 more entries!  

As you can see, I am linking to her blog to get some more entries! She is a very gifted sewer and craftmaker and her hats at the shop are SUPER cute!  She makes dresses, onesies with burp clothes, bibs, shirts, hats and the list goes on. I am an admirer of her work--and owner of one of her bibs.  She is a great mom with some funny stories.  

I have been a reader of her husband's blog, Poop and Boogies, for a while now and was thrilled when she started her own.  

So, check out her Etsy shop--you may find the Christmas gift for someone you have been looking for!

Motrin-I'm Disappointed.

I got a forward to the Motrin website that had a negative ad about mothers who wear their babies on it.  I think they already took it down due to the huge response from mothers who felt like their ad was offensive.  Here is a link to another mom-blog that has the script from it (and a humorous response to the ad).  It doesn't do justice seeing the actual video ad--but I am thankful they listened to their consumers!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It is a Gassy Day!

I fillled up our van today.  It was on E and needed some nourishment.  

It cost $41!  That is it-- $41!  We got an extra .30 off a gallon because we used our grocery store rewards card.  When you shop at the Giant Eagle you get .10 off per so many dollars of spending. So we got gas for 1.89/gallon.  

We spent over $100 to fill up our van this summer!  What a difference, no?  

I feel like I just saved a bundle.    

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Free Tip

I finally figured out how to keep all the baby socks organized.  I think I read somewhere that you can make your own non-slip socks by getting some puffy or slick fabric paint and putting some on the bottom of the socks.  I even found a site where you can make your own puffy paint but I thought it might peel off quicker.

I had an "AHA!" moment when I figured out that I could use the slick paint to not only make socks non-skid, but I could also put what age range they are
 for. Some stores label their sock size by age range on the bottom with non-slip paint which comes in handy--but I have a lot of socks that aren't labeled and I have been somewhat organized by putting them in labeled ziplock bags so I can keep track of the sizes.  If I label my socks with fabric paint, then I will be killing two birds with one stone.  

My inspiration came from my desire for Graham to have warm feet in our chilly house AND for him to gain confidence in his walking abilities.  I thought if he felt like he was slipping all the time it might discourage him to walk.  No-slip socks=walking more.  He still prefers to crawl everywhere but he does take little steps throughout the day.

I added a picture to show you my little sock creation.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Most of the leaves have fallen off of the trees which means that the sidewalks and streets are full of rainbow colored leaves.  We are supposed to rake them up and put them on the side of the road so a leave sucker crew will come by and suck up all the leaves.  We have had our leaves raked and piled for a few weeks now but no leaf suckers have made it our side of the street.  The pile was lovely and neat but after windy days the pile looks scattered and random.  I had recently raked the pile again and the boys got to do one of their favorite things: jump in the leaves.  More scattering of course, but it made for some cute pictures.

Ewan and my good friend's son.  My friend and her son stopped by on their way home from the farmers market. Little did they know the were going to have some leaf fun!

It wasn't too cold outside--Ewan and Isaac had on new mittens (they outgrew the ones we had last year) and were having fun wearing their hats with their new mittens.

This is Isaac as Joshua.  His preschool celebrated All Saints Day by having a parade.  The kids could pick any Bible character they wanted to dress up as. Isaac picked Joshua because he loves the story about Jericho.  In the background you see our neighbors and friends that we carpool with 2 days a week.  

And some fun news....We are getting new neighbors next month.  A new family is coming to the seminary and are renting the house behind ours. They also have 3 kids--5 (boy), 4, (girl) and 15 months (girl).  Ewan and Isaac are thrilled to have a new playmate moving in behind us.  We met the couple this weekend and they will move in mid-December.  It will be so fun to have another seminary family so close by! 

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween and Pumpkins

Wolverine and Batman

Little Cowboy

Ewan's pumpkin.  It worked like a Lite and Brite.  And it looked really cool at night.  Pappy and Gigi sent that for the boys.

Isaac's pumpkin

My pumpkin

Ewan working on his pumpkin