Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Free Tip

I finally figured out how to keep all the baby socks organized.  I think I read somewhere that you can make your own non-slip socks by getting some puffy or slick fabric paint and putting some on the bottom of the socks.  I even found a site where you can make your own puffy paint but I thought it might peel off quicker.

I had an "AHA!" moment when I figured out that I could use the slick paint to not only make socks non-skid, but I could also put what age range they are
 for. Some stores label their sock size by age range on the bottom with non-slip paint which comes in handy--but I have a lot of socks that aren't labeled and I have been somewhat organized by putting them in labeled ziplock bags so I can keep track of the sizes.  If I label my socks with fabric paint, then I will be killing two birds with one stone.  

My inspiration came from my desire for Graham to have warm feet in our chilly house AND for him to gain confidence in his walking abilities.  I thought if he felt like he was slipping all the time it might discourage him to walk.  No-slip socks=walking more.  He still prefers to crawl everywhere but he does take little steps throughout the day.

I added a picture to show you my little sock creation.


Darlene said...

Good idea!! Does Graham keep his socks on? I have a terrible time with Luke.

Dawn said...


this is SO a Mom Crowd post.

amelia said...

I was thinking it might be my mom crowd post for the week because I think I will be at a very long birth tonight and possibly into tomorrow. Short and sweet!

Some socks stay on better than others. Socks that are more "fitted" like the ones I have in the picture stay on easier.

TheLudlows said...


Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea- I'm definitely going to try this!!