Monday, November 10, 2008

Most of the leaves have fallen off of the trees which means that the sidewalks and streets are full of rainbow colored leaves.  We are supposed to rake them up and put them on the side of the road so a leave sucker crew will come by and suck up all the leaves.  We have had our leaves raked and piled for a few weeks now but no leaf suckers have made it our side of the street.  The pile was lovely and neat but after windy days the pile looks scattered and random.  I had recently raked the pile again and the boys got to do one of their favorite things: jump in the leaves.  More scattering of course, but it made for some cute pictures.

Ewan and my good friend's son.  My friend and her son stopped by on their way home from the farmers market. Little did they know the were going to have some leaf fun!

It wasn't too cold outside--Ewan and Isaac had on new mittens (they outgrew the ones we had last year) and were having fun wearing their hats with their new mittens.

This is Isaac as Joshua.  His preschool celebrated All Saints Day by having a parade.  The kids could pick any Bible character they wanted to dress up as. Isaac picked Joshua because he loves the story about Jericho.  In the background you see our neighbors and friends that we carpool with 2 days a week.  

And some fun news....We are getting new neighbors next month.  A new family is coming to the seminary and are renting the house behind ours. They also have 3 kids--5 (boy), 4, (girl) and 15 months (girl).  Ewan and Isaac are thrilled to have a new playmate moving in behind us.  We met the couple this weekend and they will move in mid-December.  It will be so fun to have another seminary family so close by! 


TheLudlows said...

Love the slippers! They make the outfit!

Lauren said...

i was just going to ask: do you think Joshua wore "cars" slippers? how progressive of him!

love the pics, amelia!! Quinn had such fun (and, just so you know, you can, if you want, use his name in your posts if he comes up in pics again...).

Hey, why does your blog sometimes come up with dark colors and then sometimes in light colors?