Friday, July 31, 2009

It's a Star Wars Birthday! Ewan Turned 6 Today!

Today we celebrated Ewan's 6th birthday. It was Ewan's desire to eat a very special dinner--at Sonic. We gave him a choice to eat just about anywhere he wanted but he wanted to eat at Sonic. I don't think it is the food that he loves so much. He really likes being able to push the button when you order and loves eating outside at the little tables. We planned on eating at Sonic and then coming back to the house for dessert and presents. We were all our running errands earlier today and Ewan convinced his Grandma that we should also include a silly string fight as part of his birthday celebration.

One very special thing about Ewan is that he is very good at spontaneous and creative ideas for fun. We have agreed to several of his random "fun" ideas this summer and have made some good memories. i have learned to engage more in the fun of life just by listening to my son and going along with some of his ideas. Participating in a silly string fight is just plain fun!

For his birthday dessert he went with Jon and his brothers to pick out donuts. I assmebled the donuts into a tower and stuck some candles in them. About the easiest "cake" I've ever made!

He opened presents from grandparents and us and got to stay up a little late to play with them. Overall, I think that Ewan felt loved and celebrated. He is very happy to be 6 and feels like such a big boy.

As of today he is 46 inches tall, weighs 47 lbs, has a loose tooth, LOVES Star Wars and Transformers, fishing, getting to spend any one-on-one time with Mommy or Daddy, and is one very friendly kid. He is excited to be starting Kindergarten--despite the fact that he will be homeschooled. He learned to swim without floaties this summer, moved across the country, and will be leaving on September 15th to spend the next 4 years in England. I'm so glad that he is our son!

After a few tries, Graham figured out how to make the party horn pop out.
Ewan's birthday donut "cake" and presents
Donut Cake
It isn't a celebration with out party horns!

I love this picture because you get a little glimpse of Isaac's face in the video camera Jon is using.
Nothing but pure delight!
Loving every minute of it!

From Pappy and Gigi
After blowing out the candles

Ewan's "mean face". He's trying to be menacing as Bumblebee.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Darth Vader Meets Firegirl

A.K.A. Playing Dress Up With Your Cousin