Sunday, December 31, 2006

Pregnancy Cravings

So far this pregnancy I have had a major craving for beans. I think I have eaten about 10ish cans of beans in 2 weeks. Be thankful you don't live with me! I don't know why in the world I have craved beans so bad--but black beans and refried beans have been like a little slice of heaven for me.

We usually have breakfast for dinner once a week (it is cheap and easy--not to mention delicious). The other night I ate scrambled eggs topped with saurkraut and tobasco sauce. Sounds terribly disgusting, right? It hit the spot. I have never eaten that together before so I definitely give credit to the pregnancy for that one.

Spicy foods have also been at the top of the list. If I didn't have little mouths to feed I think most of our dinner choices would have some spicy kick to them. I add some to my own plate when I think about it.

Monday, December 25, 2006


That is the back of Isaac's head. He is announcing that he will now be a big brother. He will now be the middle child. Part of his personality will now be affected by the fact that he will no longer be the baby. He will still be one of my precious babies but he won't be "THE" baby.

His new sibling is slated to arrive late August. The new baby will be 4 years younger than Ewan and almost 3 years younger than Isaac. Wow. That will be soooo different than having a toddler who is 14 months old in addition to a newborn! We are having faith that the new baby will not be a preemie like his brother and I will be doing some extra things during this pregnancy to hopefully prevent pre-term labor (I will probably write more about that later)--although I will gladly welcome another painless natural labor like I had with Isaac! Bring it on!

It took us longer to get pregnant this time than it did with the boys (not that we were purposely trying to be fruitful with Isaac :)) but we trusted God's timing for another baby. There are a lot of details out there that we don't have answers to right now--like how will all the insurance work since we will be leaving InterVarsity sometime this summer and hopefully/probably getting on Pennsylvania's state insurance (how does THAT work!), which practice will I join for a birth team when we arrive to Pittsburgh, how in the world will I finagle 3 kids while Jon goes plunging into his first full semester in seminary? How will I do this without the support of our family who lives nearby now? Yes, if I think about all those things together it does get a little overwhelming but I know that God will help our family adjust to the new baby and all the circumstances that come along with it. He will provide friends that will become like family. He will work out our finances and provide all that our family needs. You can start praying now for all those details!

We told my mom and stepdad and Jon's parents with the t-shirt today. We were planning on telling my dad, stepmom and all the rest of their family yesterday after church but we ran into a hiccup. I didn't remember EXACTLY how to get to my stepbrother's house but I had the address and knew the general area. We planned on stopping by for a bit after church to see everyone but we couldn't find the house. Jon suggested I call them and ask for better directions. Okay, but where was my purse? Zoinks! It was under the pew at church. That is the ONLY time I have ever left my purse under the pew. We had to turn around and go get my purse and then we didn't have time to go back to my stepbrother's house because 2 boys needed their beauty sleep. It would have been the first time since all the grandkids for that family would have been together so we really wanted to be there.

So Dad, when you read this, we planned on telling you guys in the same way and we wanted you to see what you would have gotten. The plan was for someone to take off Isaac's jacket and then someone would notice what his shirt said. Ta-da!

So far the tiredness has been my biggest symptom of pregnancy. I have had to take a nap pretty regularly during the day while the boys are sleeping. I seem to yawn all the time. I am hoping that no morning sickness rears its ugly head this pregnancy although I realize the chances of that are pretty slim since I had it bad with the boys. There is always a first!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends! Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What Kids Remember...

This morning Ewan found a breastpump shield in the drawer that has all the sippie cup lids, straws, kiddie spoons etc. "Mommy did you use this when you fed Isaac from your tummy?", he asked so sweetly. At first I didn't understand him and he had to repeat it a few times...
Mommy: What was that Ewan?
Ewan: Did you use this to get milk from your tummy for Isaac?
Mommy: Ooooohhhhh (me realizing what he was asking), yes I did, honey.
Ewan: Okay, thanks!

I didn't bother to correct him. I figure he has plenty of time to figure out that milk doesn't come from mommy's tummy. Giggle, Giggle.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Shout Out

I want to give a shout out to my awesome husband who finished his marathon today. He has worked hard for about 4 months to prepare for the White Rock Marathon. He finished in about 4 hours 25 minutes. The time might need to be adjusted a little bit--if it is I will let you know.

I arrived at the finish line about 30 minutes before he ran across. I stood in the bleachers scanning every runner's face searching for my precious husband. I finally saw him and shouted, "JON PARKER! JON PARKER! YOU DID IT!" and my eyes filled with tears--so did his. I bounced off the bleachers so I could go find him after he got his medal and finisher's shirt. I am so proud of him. He did a great job! Go husband!

***Jon's official time was 4:19*** Pretty good for a first time marathoner!!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Beevis and Butthead Moment with "The Baby Jesus"

*** I recommend watching this until 3 minutes since the rest has some PG-13 content in it and doesn't apply to this post.

I was listening to Karyn Ward share about 10 ways to share Jesus with others this Christmas (see post below)and she opened by mentioning that we often hear and talk about the baby Jesus during this time of the year. I immediately flashed to this scene from Talledaga Nights. I know totally immature, right? Come on, you know you have Beevis and Butthead moments at immature stuff too!

I do think this scene could be used for a sermon though--in many different ways! What sermon topic would you use this clip in?


Advent is my favorite time of the year. I love Christmas--not because of all the gifts I get--but because it is such a great reminder of the arrival of our Savior. I love all the hymns we sing and I love being part of an Anglican church during this time of year.

This past Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent. Advent is a time similar to Lent where you can reflect about what is coming-the arrival of Jesus. It is full of anticipation expecation and I love it. If you want to know more about advent read this.

At church on Sunday, a woman shared her testimony of how God answered her prayer for her brother who was addicted to meth. At the end of her testimony she spoke with astounding poignancy that we at our best are limited. We are limited in our resources, our ability to love, our ability to forgive, our ability to help--BUT God is UNlimited in HIS resources, his ability to love, forgive, help, heal, restore. I have been reflecting on that this week during Advent. The birth of Christ brought hope and fulfillment of God's promises to his people. So, are you needing healing, hope, joy, forgiveness, need to forgive someone, love, need help loving someone? Remember that God is UNlimited in his resources and can provide all you need.

At my mom's group today our speaker, Karyn Ward, shared 10 ways we can share Jesus with others this Christmas getting in touch with the real meaning of Christmas (it won't $$cost$$ near as much):
1. The gift of Truth (John 8:32)

2. The gift of Time
She pointed out something that struck me. As women, we often pat ourselves on the back for being better multi-taskers than men. Sometimes the result can be wonderful because we can accomplish thing faster. Sometimes the cost can be that we don't allow anyone to get ALL of us. I was immediately convicted about multi-tasking while I parent. Trying to take care of laundry while I play dinosaurs with Ewan. True, I am doing 2 things at the same time but my son is only getting part of me. He is probably more aware of that than I think. So, I am committing to check myself for making better use of my time and not giving my husband and children only PART of ME.

3. The gift of Compassion
Got a family member you are about to spend time with that needs some compassion? Yes, it can cost you some emotional energy but it is a great way to share Jesus with your family members--or sales representatives while you shop!

4. The gift of Prayer (James 5:17, Matthew 7:7)

5. The gift of Honor (1Timothy 5:17)
Make a point of honoring your parents, grandparents, elders, in-laws this Christmas. It can be harder than it sounds if you have rocky in-law relationships. I am thankful that I don't have that issue! My in-laws are wonderful and I love them so much! My mother-in-law has taught me a lot about being a mom to boys and I want to be a mother-in-law just like her. She should write a book about it!

6. The gift of Hospitality
Open your home and welcome others--it doesn't matter if you don't have a perfectly decorated house or not.

7. The gift of Encouragement (Ephesians 4:29)
Our words can be an encouragement to others. Take that time and make that phone call, or answer that phone call. Take someone out to coffee who is struggling and be an encourager to them.

8. The gift of Charity (Matthew 25:34-40)

9. The gift of Forgiveness
Restore relationships. Forgive others as you have been forgiven.

10. The gift of Love

Considering a Hospital Childbirth Class?

I love reading blogs. Midwife, doula, labor and delivery nurses, you name it. I have learned a ton from them. I just happened upon this blog, The Life and Times of a Labor Nurse, who made a post about why hospital childbirth classes are actually not very helpful teaching women about "normal" childbirth. The hospital birth teachers are under pressure to teach what and how the doctors prefer when it comed to managed labors--which most of the times includes numerous interventions that interfere with a peaceful, hands off labor experience (continuous fetal monitoring, for example). Here is the link to her post. I recommend you read it. She said it better than I could myself and since she IS a L&D nurse and teaches hospital birth classes she is qualified to speak with authority.

If you are having a hospital birth then it can be helpful to take the class as a supplement to your childbirth education so you can know what to expect when you show up at the hospital. I recommend to anyone to take a private childbirth class from an independent teacher who won't just teach you about hospital policies, but will teach you about normal birth and will focus a majority of the time on educating you about your choices, informed consent, and coping strategies for birth. There are so many different birth classes to choose from so I suggest looking into a couple and pick one that suits your needs. The Bradley Method®, BabyBodyBirth, Birthing from Within, Hypnobabies, Waterbirth are just a couple that are worth looking into--of course my favorite is The Bradley Method® (big smiles).

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Arctic Blast

We got a little arctic storm here yesterday. The sky threw out some snow and a lot of sleet but it made the houses look pretty and the boys got a taste of what cold weather is like. We walked home from "coffee talk" (the weekly get together/play date with 4 other moms in the neighborhood) in the snow/sleet. At first Ewan and Isaac were very excited about it but once they started feeling the sleet hitting their face they were pretty turned off to the idea and started crying.

This morning I made a mini snowman and the boys had a blast throwing snowballs at the neighbors next door. I think they would have stayed outside longer but I was worried about their precious mittenless hands. Isaac kept giggling anytime someone threw snow or clapped a snowball kersplat with their hands. I love that sound! (of Isaac laughing, of course)

Here are some picture highlights:

Made with dead daisy buds and fresh rosemary

Coming home from "Coffee Talk"

Throwing snowballs at mommy

In case you are wondering, the Honda Element is a rental car. The Hybrid is in the shop because Jon got in a fender bender the day before Thanksgiving. It is a fun little car to drive too! If you know anyone who is really tall, like 6'5" looking for a new car this car might work for them. It has lots of head room and is very roomy on the inside.