Sunday, December 31, 2006

Pregnancy Cravings

So far this pregnancy I have had a major craving for beans. I think I have eaten about 10ish cans of beans in 2 weeks. Be thankful you don't live with me! I don't know why in the world I have craved beans so bad--but black beans and refried beans have been like a little slice of heaven for me.

We usually have breakfast for dinner once a week (it is cheap and easy--not to mention delicious). The other night I ate scrambled eggs topped with saurkraut and tobasco sauce. Sounds terribly disgusting, right? It hit the spot. I have never eaten that together before so I definitely give credit to the pregnancy for that one.

Spicy foods have also been at the top of the list. If I didn't have little mouths to feed I think most of our dinner choices would have some spicy kick to them. I add some to my own plate when I think about it.


grace said...

hhaahah! pregnancy cravings are so funny. i didn't have any weird ones - but i definitely LOVED waffles and pancakes!!!

one time, a few months ago, i made breakfast foods for dinner (pancakes, sausage, bacon and eggs) and john was silent the whole time. i think he was disappointed =P. i, however, scarfed down my meal and licked all the syrup on my plate.

Dawn said...

my cravings are usually cheese-related. i even bought a container of cottage cheese and ate the whole thing for a meal when i was pregnant with lucy (normally not a cottage cheese gal).

right now it's all about the cheese enchiladas. come to mama!

ceciliabrie said...

"I love beans! Yes i do! I love beans! how 'bout you?....IIII LOOOOVVE BEEEENS doteedo!"

Amanda Espinoza said...

In my first trimester I craved refried beans all the time. bean and cheese chalupas. bean and cheese tacos. bean and cheese burritos. beans with my migas. this baby is so half Hispanic. :o)

amelia said...
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