Friday, December 01, 2006

The Arctic Blast

We got a little arctic storm here yesterday. The sky threw out some snow and a lot of sleet but it made the houses look pretty and the boys got a taste of what cold weather is like. We walked home from "coffee talk" (the weekly get together/play date with 4 other moms in the neighborhood) in the snow/sleet. At first Ewan and Isaac were very excited about it but once they started feeling the sleet hitting their face they were pretty turned off to the idea and started crying.

This morning I made a mini snowman and the boys had a blast throwing snowballs at the neighbors next door. I think they would have stayed outside longer but I was worried about their precious mittenless hands. Isaac kept giggling anytime someone threw snow or clapped a snowball kersplat with their hands. I love that sound! (of Isaac laughing, of course)

Here are some picture highlights:

Made with dead daisy buds and fresh rosemary

Coming home from "Coffee Talk"

Throwing snowballs at mommy

In case you are wondering, the Honda Element is a rental car. The Hybrid is in the shop because Jon got in a fender bender the day before Thanksgiving. It is a fun little car to drive too! If you know anyone who is really tall, like 6'5" looking for a new car this car might work for them. It has lots of head room and is very roomy on the inside.


Monica said...

Oh, I want snow! How fun. Miriam is excited to see Ewan and Issac's snowman. :-) Ok--back to box unpacking!

thelins said...

snow!!! i would love to see Caleb's expression when touching and playing with snow!!!