Monday, December 25, 2006


That is the back of Isaac's head. He is announcing that he will now be a big brother. He will now be the middle child. Part of his personality will now be affected by the fact that he will no longer be the baby. He will still be one of my precious babies but he won't be "THE" baby.

His new sibling is slated to arrive late August. The new baby will be 4 years younger than Ewan and almost 3 years younger than Isaac. Wow. That will be soooo different than having a toddler who is 14 months old in addition to a newborn! We are having faith that the new baby will not be a preemie like his brother and I will be doing some extra things during this pregnancy to hopefully prevent pre-term labor (I will probably write more about that later)--although I will gladly welcome another painless natural labor like I had with Isaac! Bring it on!

It took us longer to get pregnant this time than it did with the boys (not that we were purposely trying to be fruitful with Isaac :)) but we trusted God's timing for another baby. There are a lot of details out there that we don't have answers to right now--like how will all the insurance work since we will be leaving InterVarsity sometime this summer and hopefully/probably getting on Pennsylvania's state insurance (how does THAT work!), which practice will I join for a birth team when we arrive to Pittsburgh, how in the world will I finagle 3 kids while Jon goes plunging into his first full semester in seminary? How will I do this without the support of our family who lives nearby now? Yes, if I think about all those things together it does get a little overwhelming but I know that God will help our family adjust to the new baby and all the circumstances that come along with it. He will provide friends that will become like family. He will work out our finances and provide all that our family needs. You can start praying now for all those details!

We told my mom and stepdad and Jon's parents with the t-shirt today. We were planning on telling my dad, stepmom and all the rest of their family yesterday after church but we ran into a hiccup. I didn't remember EXACTLY how to get to my stepbrother's house but I had the address and knew the general area. We planned on stopping by for a bit after church to see everyone but we couldn't find the house. Jon suggested I call them and ask for better directions. Okay, but where was my purse? Zoinks! It was under the pew at church. That is the ONLY time I have ever left my purse under the pew. We had to turn around and go get my purse and then we didn't have time to go back to my stepbrother's house because 2 boys needed their beauty sleep. It would have been the first time since all the grandkids for that family would have been together so we really wanted to be there.

So Dad, when you read this, we planned on telling you guys in the same way and we wanted you to see what you would have gotten. The plan was for someone to take off Isaac's jacket and then someone would notice what his shirt said. Ta-da!

So far the tiredness has been my biggest symptom of pregnancy. I have had to take a nap pretty regularly during the day while the boys are sleeping. I seem to yawn all the time. I am hoping that no morning sickness rears its ugly head this pregnancy although I realize the chances of that are pretty slim since I had it bad with the boys. There is always a first!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends! Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetheart, you know it's Mom here. Yippie! You know how excited I am about the new baby coming. I know that Mimi is too. You know how we both love the babies and big kids in our family. Another precious one to hold and snuggle. I have learned a few things about Daddy Jon since Ewan came :-). He is such a fantastic Daddy and has no qualms about changing dirty diapers or unplugging a stuck nostril with his bare hands or catching vomit before it hits the carpet. You know that some men (especially in my generation or older) would rather wrestle a bear with bare hands than get a little baby goo on them. It is like a tiny baby scares them to death (almost). I give Jon many gold stars in his ability to do all the things that have to be done for a baby and a new Mommie. He is one of my heros. This isn't a butter up, Sweetie, he really is a truly wonderful Daddy. You can tell him that right before I visit okay? You are no slouch either. You amaze me in so many ways. Another baby will not be a breeze but you are so resourceful. You will make it look easy. You are a beautiful, inside and out, woman of faith. And, you are the most beautiful pregnant Mommie in the world (I am not kidding nor am I being just your Mom). Love you so very much.

Sharon M said...

Hey Amelia, congratulations! So nice to have another baby Parker on the way!

Seems like everyone is getting pregnant these days; see what Natural Family Planning does?!! I'm kidding, it really is great, and it makes you have a real appreciation for life.

I love the school here b/c we always have at least a couple of pregnant ladies and/or new mommies. At one point earlier this year we had 10 pregnant women -- which is a lot in a school of 100 students!

No new Millers on the way yet, but hopefully God will bless us with one soon! Keep us in your prayers.

thelins said...


Fat Doctor said...

Congratulations! I'm working to be next! :)

Abu Daoud said...

You know by Arab standards, with three kids, you have a decent start :-)

God bless you and keep you all.

Let the grandparents know that there is a special blessing in store for them if they start saving college money now for the grandchildren. It's in the Bible somewhere, I'm pretty sure :-)

nicapam said...

congratulations, amelia and jon! i am excited for you both. hopefully one day i will get to meet all of your adorable children! : )