Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Beevis and Butthead Moment with "The Baby Jesus"

*** I recommend watching this until 3 minutes since the rest has some PG-13 content in it and doesn't apply to this post.

I was listening to Karyn Ward share about 10 ways to share Jesus with others this Christmas (see post below)and she opened by mentioning that we often hear and talk about the baby Jesus during this time of the year. I immediately flashed to this scene from Talledaga Nights. I know totally immature, right? Come on, you know you have Beevis and Butthead moments at immature stuff too!

I do think this scene could be used for a sermon though--in many different ways! What sermon topic would you use this clip in?


Anonymous said...

Jesus The Power Aid Sermon

ceciliabrie said...


Every time i passed a display of it over christmas, i was start laughing out loud, and my dad would ask me "what's so funny?"

Dear Babyjesus. HAR!