Thursday, September 04, 2008

Artsy Shots From the Beach

Some pictures will be double posted since they have stories behind them too. A friend gave me a photography book that had a few helpful hints in it and I have tried using them with our camera. As a result I have gotten more good shots of the family. I think all these are my best attempts at getting good pictures. You'll have to tell me which ones stand out to you.

Sitting on a broken pier and pipe combination.

Wood with algae and barnacles. This gets covered with water when the tide comes in.

Seagull eating.

Graham crawling in the waves.


Feet in the sand.

Late afternoon silhouette.

Candid shot running around on the beach.

Enjoying the water.

Not wanting shorts to get wet.

Isaac playing with his "guys" a.k.a Star Wars action figures.

Sand baby.

More Isaac with his guys and Ewan in background.


Dawn said...

I love the feet in the sand and the boys on the pier/piping. But they're all fantastic!!

mamabrown said...

Who could choose? I like them all very much! You did a great job of capturing great things about the beach as well as family togetherness - I like pictures of the boys but the wooden beam and seagull too. Great photos, sweetie.