Sunday, August 24, 2008

Now THAT is Dirty!

We went to Joe's Crab Shack last night to say goodbye to our friends and neighbors. They are leaving on Monday to go to NYC to plant a church. We have enjoyed getting together with them over the past year and their boys have been great friends and playmates to Ewan and Isaac. We decided that Joe's would be a good place because they have a playground and we figured we could have some adult conversation while the boys played. Ahhhhhhh...uninterrupted adult conversation!

Well, the playground has all those little pebbles for a ground. You know, the kind we had when we were kids? And along with pebbles comes dirt. And lots of it. Joe's has big shovels and dump trucks to move all the little pebbles around and of course when you roll around in the dirt it kind of rubs off onto you.

Well, after the boys ate their dinner they went to town in the playground. And this is what they looked like when it was time to go:

Jon gave them a bath while I put Graham to bed and he said you couldn't even see the bottom of the bathtub it was so murky. Their legs and arms were as dirty as their faces!


Dawn said...

That second picture is a CLASSIC.

Mimi said...

And did Daddy tell them about the time his brother and cousins turned him into a mud monster? He was the youngest naturally.... Beth now says my semi-calm response is still an influence on her parenting style. Like father, like son....shall I tell you about more incidents coming your way? Love you!

mamabrown said...

Great pictures! You can tell the boys had so much fun --- there must be a fun factor formula for the amount of dirt on a little boy (or girl) that equals the amount of fun they have. I laughed when I saw the pictures -- agree with Dawn that the second picture is CLASSIC!

Anonymous said...

oh my!! i love all those pics. isaac's eyes are so gorgeous. and ewan--you can totally tell he did NOT want to smile for a picture. A five-year-old all the way!

after giving my own little guy an early bath due to some major mud activity today, i have to say--it sure is great to have little boys! hug them all for me, wontcha?!

love, monica