Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Graham's Dance Moves

Graham has recently discovered that music makes you boogie. So, I thought I'd capture a little video of it for you to enjoy as well. We are, of course, listening to some Johnny Cash, but his bootie knows no limits to musical bouncing.

I also discovered that apparently I have been taping over video footage from about 6 months ago. [Put expletive in here] Rookie mistake.

Maybe I should make this count for Graham's 11 month update. He is just a hair under 25# and cute as ever. He makes the puppy sign as you see in the video and just signed "more" a few days ago. Sure beats the loud, obnoxious grunting when he wants more food RIGHT NOW. He isn't consistent in using it yet but we know he can do it. He is a cruising machine and loves walking up and down the couch or holding onto anything he can get his hands on. Other than that he does all the typical baby stuff...babbling, getting into EVERYTHING--including the toilet water! His big brothers were never interested in the toilet so now I have to make sure the lids are closed all the time to prevent temptation. However, yesterday I discovered that he figured out how to open the lid and splash away. EWWWWWWWWW! I've never been that much into baby proofing but now that images of Graham figuring out how to climb (because he likes to climb) into the toilet and drowning keep flashing in my mind, it is a little more appealing.

And yes, I know he needs a hair cut but have you ever tried cutting a very hairy-headed 11 month old's hair? It is tricky to say the least. It will involve snackage of some kind after a nap but I'm not that good at cutting hair so I am a little nervous how it will turn out with a squirmy, curious at-what-I-am-doing-to-his-head boy.



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Sharon M said...

I love his hair! It's so beautiful. Don't cut it just yet :-)

Anonymous said...

Boogie down, Graham! :-)

*big squeeze!*