Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jon Is Having Surgery

Tomorrow Jon is having surgery on his finger (ring finger on left hand).

We originally thought it was broken but it turns out he snapped his tendon. This surgery is part one of two. They will be cutting an incision in his finger, zig zag down his palm and possibly into his wrist to work on pulling his tendon up a little and also inserting a rod to reopen the tunnel that his tendon originally went through. Part two of the surgery involves taking tendon from another part of his body, running the tendon through the tunnel, and then reattaching his tendon to the upper part of his finger so he can have full movement and use of his finger.

His finger will be put into a splint that forces it downward toward his wrist for 6 weeks. That means that he will not be able to do any typing of significance. Thankfully summer Greek doesn't require any papers but when the fall semester starts he will have many papers to write so we don't know how that will work yet. We also don't know how long surgery #2 is from surgery #1 so it is possible that he will be able to type or I may be typing papers for him.

So friends, pray for us. This will be a bit of a challenge tomorrow caring for kids, getting Jon to surgery, getting him home, and taking care of him post-surgery. I also have to teach a class tomorrow night. Thankfully mom is here so we have some help in house but the day will still feel a little stressful. Jon has class on Friday and a quiz to boot so pray for him that he will get all his studying in this afternoon since tomorrow he will be too out of it on drugs. He may not be able to participate in class very well on Friday since he will be in pain + on pain meds + recovering from previous day pain meds. He feels it is better for him to go if at all possible because if you get behind in Greek it makes it much harder to learn.

Doing general dad duty will be a challenge for him too--especially when the boys will easily forget that daddy's finger is in a splint and painful. They will still want to wrestle and play like they normally do.

Pray for Jon and I in particular that we don't take out the stress on each other--okay, pray mostly for me about that part and that his finger heals nicely and quickly.

Thanks and we'll let you know how it goes!


TheLudlows said...

We will be praying for you for all those things!

Anonymous said...

praying for Jon and the family today. i know this surgery will be the best thing in the end...

Jamie T said...

This is crazy! Did you hear about Leon's ring finger injury from a little mid-REC week b-ball game? He thought he just jammed it, but as it turns out, a lot more went wrong. He had surgery, and he is now in physical therapy. He has lots of interesting stories already-one involves accidentally sticking his hand into Abe's ceiling fan. So tell Jon to watch out for fans! I was shocked when I read your blog because the similarities are super freaky. Y'all should call Leon! Weird! Praying for you guys!