Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Jungle Garden

My garden bloomed over the past week while we were gone on our trip. Here are my tomato plants. They are HUGE and are sadly overshadowing one of my sweet pepper plants. I don't think it will fruit because of it. I knew it might be overshadowed and I have two other sweet pepper plants in a pot. They are blossoming and my cherry tomato plant has some baby tomatoes on it. Can't wait to eat them!If you enlarge this you can see my watermelon plant on the bottom and my pea plants on the right (where the stakes are). You can also see the tips of some of my radishes.

Baby cucumbers.

My lettuce. So easy to grow and I will definitely be doing that again next year but probably in a bigger pot so I can get more harvest.

The garden from afar. You can see my pumpkin plants where Ewan is. They are HUGE too and I know they will spread over the yard. I hope we get some pumpkins off of them.

Another shot of the cucumbers.

Pumpkins, radishes, peas and okra. The peas and okra aren't that big yet. I had to move the pumpkin leaves so the okra would get more sunlight. Once the radishes are harvested then the okra will have more room to grow. You can't get okra up here for some reason. Must be a southern vegetable.


Sharon M said...

Amelia, so glad to see your garden is blooming! Beautiful. I'm inspired. Perhaps we'll work on some jalapenos here -- the quality of heat in the peppers here is depressing.

Anonymous said...

seems you have a real talent for growing people and plants. your garden is groimg really well-so are your wonderful sons-gramma

mamabrown said...

Hi Sweetie,

Okra is an interesting southern vegetable. Tom said they never had okra in the stores in Wisconsin. However, maybe he just didn't know where to find the "good" stuff. I am sitting here wishing for some sliced tomato, cucumber, melon, sliced sweet onions, and cornbread. Yummy!

I looked okra up online and found this on Wikipedia:

Okra (American English: [ˈoʊkɹə], British English [ˈəʊkɹə], [ˈɒkɹə]), also known as lady's finger[1], bhindi (Hindustani) and gumbo, is a flowering plant in the mallow family (along with such species as cotton and cocoa) valued for its edible green fruits. Its scientific name is Abelmoschus esculentus.

Hope your okra is healthy and good.

You have such a beautiful garden with good fruit and veggies.