Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Bandages Removed

Jon got his bandages removed on Monday and it is a pretty greusome sight to see. In these pictures you can see the button on the top of his finger and the string that is attached to it. In the second picture you see a rubber band attached to the string. That rubber band attaches to the safety pin on the splint to keep his finger bent at an angle. It is pretty painful for Jon and the stitches are driving him crazy. He has an appointment next Monday to get the stitches removed. His hand will stay in the splint for the next 6 weeks. He can remove it for cleaning but under NO circumstances can he bend his wrist back. He must keep it angled down at ALL times for the next 6 weeks or risk snapping the tendon again.

He has started physical therapy and it is already hard. Pray that he will endure the pain that comes with healing and that the pain will continue to subside substantially.

Another praise is that the rehab center is covering the copay that our state insurance wouldn't cover. Woo-Hoo!

Also, another thing to pray for is that his finger flinches involuntarily and causes him enormous amounts of pain. His finger flinched last night while he was sleeping and he was jolted up out of sleep writhing in pain. I don't know if it is doing that because that is how the healing process works but whatever the reason, it would be nice if he wasn't woken up from severe pain.

Things haven't been too bad around the house. Jon has needed to sleep more than normal but it hasn't felt too stressful without his ability to help as much. And he is doing what he can which helps a LOT. The kids have been great about not roughhousing with him and keeping distance from his wound. All in all it is going well but I think it has been more painful than Jon thought it would be. Keep praying for good spirits around here, if ya don't mind!


Sharon M said...

I like the VeggieTales coloring book in the background; adds a whole dimension of surreal to the pictures.
On another note, Jon is in our prayers for a full and speedy recovery!

Kelsey said...

Oh man. That looks rough. We'll be praying.

Mom said...

I was talking to your grandfather yesterday, Jon, and while I was describing your finger and surgery he told me that he has been wondering about why he couldn't bend the top knuckle of his baby finger on his left hand. As I told your story he suddenly remembered an incident that happened at Torrance when he was about 14 and he thinks now his tendon probably snapped. He never went to the doctor with it but he has a knot in the palm of his hand. He says you were wise to have the surgery..even though it probably doesn't feel like it right now. Love you,