Monday, July 14, 2008

The Great Pittsburgh Fly Infestation

What's grosser than gross?

Hundreds of flies invading your house and basement. That is right. Hundreds of flies. No, we don't know where they are coming in from and we couldn't find a source in the house (thank God!) but they have been flying around the house (mostly in the basement) for 2 days. At first we thought we had left the front door opened too long. But then, on Saturday afternoon there were so many in the basement we thought that surely there must be SOMETHING down there breeding flies. But we couldn't find anything!

So we got some fly traps and the grossness began. Jon left one light on in the basement and put a fly trap next to it the other night and when we got up the next morning this is what we saw. Totally gross, I know!

I almost didn't share this because I didn't want anyone thinking we are gross, dirty people. We aren't, I promise. Thankfully most of the flies have been in the basement and I am cleaning as I go. (Insert body shutter here) The last thing I need is Graham picking up dead fly carcasses and getting some terrible disease as he crams them into his mouth. Blech!!!!!!!


Jon Parker said...

I took the boys in the basement yesterday to see it, they thought it was COOL (except for some of the flies falling off - yuck). Also, yesterday when we were at the park I saw the flies EVERYWHERE at the bases of trees on the kids playground equipment...weird huh? We didn't see this last year... We are trying to figure out the mystery of why there are so many right now. Other than that, Pittsburgh summers are AWESOME! SO NICE! Yesterday we ate lunch AND dinner on the porch outside. Sigh. Very nice.

Grace H. Lin said...

omigoodness! those aren't little flies either!

no worries, i don't think you guys are dirty or gross at all =).

Mie said...

I was having a gnat problem recently and couldn't figure it out. I always have a fruit bowl out and I had to put it in the fridge it was so bad. And yet, they were still growing worse and worse! One day I went to make a pot of tea in the coffee pot and found the problem. It seems that when my parents were here in the beginning of MAY they had some coffee and the filter/grounds were never taken out. We don't drink coffee so it had been in there for two months growing gross...little baby ones and everything....EWWWW...Good luck with your flies...

Lauren said...

So, Lord[s] of the Flies anyone?

hee hee

I don't think Graham would've gotten some horrible disease; he actually may have gotten some sort of super immune boost! He'd be almost super human!