Saturday, July 19, 2008

Graham 10 months

Graham has had a little jump in his development in the past 3 weeks. He is hands and knees crawling instead of army crawling, pointing, clapping, climbing stairs, saying "eh-eh!" and pointing when he sees puppies (I think he will start making the panting sign for puppy soon), cruising along furniture (slowly but steadily), sleeping all night (still waking up pretty early but sleeping 11-12 hours).

He loves a good game of "So Big! So Strong!" If you don't know how that game works, you raise your hands over your head and say "So Big!" and then flex your arm muscles and say "So Strong!" Graham has the So Big! part down and makes a really cute scrunched up face for the So Strong! part but that is harder to get on camera.

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mamabrown said...

Such a loving and sweet baby! So cuddly and squeezeable! He has really cute little dimples when he smiles. He smiles so much, laughs a lot, and loves to play with you. Peek-a-boo! pat'a'cake, and any other interactive game, and he loves being in charge of the game. He is so loveable.