Monday, July 14, 2008

Highlights from the Canada Trip

Here are all my favorite pictures from our trip to Canada. Warning: There are a LOT.

Seeing wildlife-frogs, a raccoon who liked to eat marshmallows, a fox, fish, chipmunks
A campfire
Boat rides
Eating together
Celebrating Ewan's birthday (early)
Blueberry picking
Swimming in the lake
Going for walks
Picking wildflowers
Playing games at night

Black Flies

Going on a boat ride.

Jon took this picture of his grandma (Gamma). I love it! She is so delightful to be around and she has great love for her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Ewan and Mimi working on a project together.

The night of the campfire. The boys had their first smores and stuffed themselves silly with roasted marshmallows. Notice Ewan's puffy cheeks.

Singing during the campfire.

Crawling happy Graham.

Graham tried really hard to eat pine cones. He thought they were tasty but I tried to convince him otherwise.

Celebrating Ewan's 5th birthday. It isn't until the end of the month but since we were all together as a family we celebrated it a little early. Mimi and the kids made the cake. I think it looks like stained glass.

Me at the party.

Our family at the blueberry patch. I wore a sweatshirt because the mosquitoes and deer flies were terrible. I finally gave in and sprayed myself with bug spray--but I kept the sweatshirt on for extra protection even though I was sweaty.

Ewan at the blueberry patch. The patch is in a park area and the blueberries are wild and free. It was a little early in the season but we got lots of yummy berries to eat on our cereal in the morning.

Isaac liked to eat more than pick them and put them in his pail--as you can see.

All the cousins together picking.

Daddy and Graham together. It is quite a lovely view.

Me with my boys. It isn't a very good picture of me but I like seeing us all together.

All smiles.

Daddy and Graham in the lake. The water is pretty cold in the lake but Graham didn't seem to mind too much. We didn't keep him in for long periods of time but he liked splashing around.

Future boat racer?

Crawling around in the cabin.

This is Big Beefy. He was 18 3/4" and 3 lbs. I caught him with a worm (real). I knew I had a bite but I didn't think he was that big when I was reeling him in. He didn't fight much while I was bringing him in either. We were so excited though! There is nothing like catching a big fish!

Another boat ride.

Ewan liked to sit in the front of the boat in the middle. It does provide the best view.

All the cousins. This before a boat ride.

All the kids fishing in the boat with Jon and Mimi. Everyone caught something
(mostly rock bass) and had a great time.

I just liked this picture of Isaac.

Daddy and his boys from their great fishing experience.


Tina said...

Howdy! OK, there are a lot of pictures and I enjoyed EVERY one of them. Thanks for sharing! I must say when I picked up Mimi and Papa at the airport, one of the first stories I heard about was the racoon invasion. (((smile)))

Mimi said...

Great pictures!! I loved every one of them. I had an awesome time with all 5 grandchildren! Yesterday I loaded the video onto my computer, so now I can revisit all of our fun times whenever I want. I promise to cut a DVD for you when I figure out how to do it.
I know it was a long drive for you and a long flight for the rest of us, but it was so fun to have everyone together. What happy memories!!!

Darlene said...

What great pictures! Looks like a ton of fun! The boys are getting so big. We watched some video's of melody and Ewan and Issac were in cute. Graham is such a cutie. It's so exciting that you are creating such happy childhood memories for the boys!

amelia said...

Looks like everyone had a terrific time in Canada! Fishing and boating and berry pickin' and eating smores! what great experiences for the boys. They will remember days at the cottage for as long as they live - as Mimi said, "Happy memories! of all the activities and especially the warm and loving relationships.