Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Let The Countdown Begin!

In 8 days we will be leaving on an airplane to live in Durahm, England.

We have our visas in hand. Whew! Long story but basically we neded up figuring out by a fluke that we needed to apply for separate visas for each of the members of our family. Originally we thought that me and the kids got in under Jon's visa. After hours of looking for the right information we finally found the right application on the UK's consulate website and applied and got our visas with time to spare.

We don't have too much left to do on our "to do" list but there are still some important people that we want to see and spend time with.

On Friday, Jon and I spent the day doing a "dry run packing day". We have an idea of all the things we want to bring with us and on Friday we figured out if it is possible or not. I was planning on bringing a bedspread for our bed but I think that is the first thing on my list that is ggetting cut. Jon and I are sharing 3 duffle bags, Ewan, Isaac, and Graham each have a duffle bag, 2 duffle bags of "stuff" (sheets, towels, movies in cd cases etc.), and 2 crates of toys. We have plenty of room and even have room to bring Ewan and Isaac's costumes/dress up outfits they enjoy playing with. I don't think we'll be able to bring ALL of their costumes but their favorite ones for sure. I think the apartment will feel like home to the kids when we get there.

It took hours for Jon and I to decide what clothes to bring for ourselves and to actually pack the duffle bags. We are using lots of space bags which work amazingly well, by the way! Packing for the kids has been much easier--but I think that is partially because their clothes are smaller and you can pack more in without having to make so many decisions about it.

Now that I have a much better idea of what summer weather is like in Durham I feel like I know what kind of clothing I need to bring for myself and the kids.

I have more or less packed Graham's clothes in his duffle bag already. He is a big 2 year old so I am worried that he will outgrow many of his 2T clothes before next summer. I decided to pack several 3T items for him in addition to his 2T clothing.

We are carrying on my computer, a large canvas bag with our Wii, camera and other random things. Each of us also will be carrying on a backback or small personal sized bag.

At the end of this week I have 3 boxes of Bradley books/supplies to ship, 1 large+2 small boxes of curriculum for homeschooling, 2 boxes of "other" books one for me and one for Graham.

We are still investigating what to do about phone services but we will either get vonage or magic jack so people from the states can call an american number without having to pay for international phone calls (and vice versa). That will make it a lot easier to keep in touch with everyone.

We sold our last car and are on the serious countdown. I think next week will be connecting with friends, saying goodbye and finishing any last minute details that need to get taken care of. Like the bill we got from the city of plano for $500 for the ambulance ride I took back in June. Our insurance paid one third of it and should have paid for all of it. You know how all those phone calling things go with insurance companies.

I have several other posts to write about some of the other things we've been doing the last few weeks--like celebrating Graham's 2nd birthday! Stay tuned for those.

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