Monday, September 14, 2009


Goodies for the kids on the plane-check!
Goodbyes to family-check!
Car rides arranged for the airport-check!
Post office-check!
Best buy-check!

Night of good sleep-not exactly

We leave this afternoon to go across ocean. It still doesn't seem real in so many ways. We have been very blessed this summer with friends, faithfulness from God, relationships, good times, gifts....the list goes on. I am not sure that it will all seem real until we land in England. I've never been to the UK so it is hard to imagine what my days will look like past getting all of us and our stuff on the plane. Surreal, surreal surreal.

My plan is to blog as soon as I can about our trip.

Bon Voyage!


Monica said...

praying for all of you...especially little Graham today...

tons of love!

The Herd said...

Can't wait to have you on this side of the pond!

mamabrown said...

Praying that everyone made it okay without too many hiccups...especially Grahammy. Let us know as quick as you whenever you get a chance to breathe without a million to do things in your lap. We all love you.

Jenny said...

i'm glad you made it safely!
you totally reminded me of monica in the one with ross's wedding. "passoport - check! tickets - check! ..."
was that intentional?
you are such a monica geller.

amelia said...

hee-hee--I was totally thinking of Monica Geller when I wrote that post!