Sunday, September 20, 2009

Brown House Farm

Jon brought back some incredible pictures from the farm he went to this afternoon. What a place! Being able to drive here easily might just make it worth getting a car so we can get there. You can't really get there by bus and it is too close to take a train. It is FREE and there are some really fun things for the kids to do while they're there.

I'm posting some of my favorite pictures although I wish you could see the slide show I can see on my computer because seeing all the pictures together give you a better idea of how great this place is.

Isaac jumping from hay bale to hay bale

Isaac pretending to be the tower guard

Ewan playing soccer with Jono
Isaac burying horses in the sand to protect them from pirates
Here little piggy!
Jumping from hay bale to hay bale
Cobblestone wall
Ewan pretending to be the watchman in the tower
Sheep tic tac toe
More soccer
Isaac hiking
Ewan and Isaac
Playing King of the Hill
Fields of England

One thing that is striking about being here is that there is no suburban sprawl. You can look on Google earth and see that farmland and fields surround all the cities. Makes for a beautiful drive.


perrinministries said...

Hi there! We haven't seen you in quite a few years. Sounds as if you, Jon and the boys are settling in well. After you get over the jet lag, Europe is a wonderful place to live... esp. during the first year or so when everything is new. I was thinking tonight how cool it is that I live in Germany and can go to Switzerland or France shopping whenever I want. God is good.

Anyway, welcome to Europe! I had no idea you were headed this way. if you're ever in Germany or Switzerland, we'd love to see you all. We live just across the river from Basel.
Have a great day,
Jon & Robin

Dawn said...

Wow! The pictures have been so great to look at and this bunch is no different! What an adventure, and you're just beginning!

Feel better soon, Amelia.

Mimi said...

Great pictures!!!! Makes me wish I was there to join in the fun! Hope you are feeling better, Amelia!

mamabrown said...

Wonderful pictures of everyone and all the views. So glad I finally got my 'puter fixed this a.m. Love the "Farm" and hope to get a chance for the boys to show us first hand one of these days. Know you will feel better soon. It's stressful to settle in where everything is different. Love and hugs