Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cookies Vs. Biscuits

This past Sunday at church our friend, Jono, was in the nursery with Graham. At one point the nursery worker said, "Who would like a biscuit?" All the kids dropped their toys and ran to the little snack table. Except Graham.

Graham was very happy playing with his toy and didn't really care for a biscuit. So he thought.

Since Jono was in the room helping his own son, he watched Graham playing while all the kids ate their biscuits. Jono looked at Graham and said, "Graham, do you want a cookie?" Graham dropped his toy and yelled out "COOKIE!" and ran over to the snack table to get one.

Thus begins the process of making our children bilingual in English.



The Herd said...

That's a cute story!!! You'd think it would be easier to transition with English shared--but nope!!!

jovin said...

I love your blog Amelia. Thanks for sharing your continuing adventures in England. I am feeling nostalgic. When I arrived in the US, I experienced the same thing except the opposite. I was asking for biscuits and getting bread like stuff. Hahaha!!!
Cutlery, punctures oh and list goes on and on.
It gets better... Praying for you and your family.

amelia said...

Thanks Jovin!

Karen--I didn't even hear that story until the other night. I laughed so hard--my story telling really didn't do justice to hearing Jono tell it.

I think you just have to laugh, no?

I had a funny conversation today about potting soil at a home improvement store. I wanted something like Miracle Gro potting soil and what followed was a funny conversation where we were both speaking English but not understanding each other.

TheLudlows said...

English and Americans- people separated by a common language.

Mr. Cáceres said...

I love the story and I am glad Spanish native speakers are not the only ones with this kind of issues when traveling (or living) abroad. God bles you all!

Mr. Cáceres said...
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