Monday, September 21, 2009

British Phrases Etc...

Some things I've noticed....

*Parking lot=Car park

*Basic tv service= "Freebox" except you actually have to pay for it. The channels are free but you have to pay about $240 a year to have access to basic tv channels. I think we've decided not to pay the tv tax in lieu of using that $$ toward car costs. We brought our movies and bought a dvd player. Other things we can see on the computer if we want. I don't think we'll miss having access to regular tv too much.

*Doctor's office= Surgery If you have to go to the doctor's office you say, "I'm going to the surgery" or "I'm going to surgery" or "I'm going to the surgery center"

Here you can either go during "open surgery" hours without making an appointment or you can call ahead and schedule an appointment to be seen by someone. The latter is recommended for us because many of the undergrad university students are assigned to the same center we are and open surgery hours tend to have a long wait.



Megan was telling me that instead of police waiting in hidden areas and pulling over people for speeding they have hidden cameras everywhere looking for speeders. If you get caught you get a ticket sent to you in the mail. Our GPS beeps at us when we go through an area with one.

*Vans=People carriers

*England is VERY green conscious. You can recycle a lot of things here. Keeping things out of landfills is encouraged. In our building we can recycle cardboard, paper, glass, and plastic. I saw a box that I think you can put lightbulbs in but recycling bulbs is also highly encouraged.

*England is also promotes products that are FairTrade. I bought bananas this morning that were fair trade, Fair Trade coffee and tea are easy to find, and even the church we visited this past Sunday mentioned in the bulletin that they are a "Fair Trade Parish" and provide FT coffee and tea during refreshment hour after church.


*We have an information packet for a school that we are hoping Isaac gets a spot in.
Uniform requirements:
red sweatshirts, sweatcardis or jumpers (with school logo)
grey trousers or shorts
white polo shirt (with school logo)
fleeces or reversible coats (with school logo for outside use)

For indoor PE:
red shorts
white t-shirt
For outdoor PE:
tracksuit top and trousers
old trainers

For swimming:

Words in italics are clothing items that are new vocabulary. We aren't sure what some of the things are.....plimsolls (a particular kind of shoe but we don't know what kind), tracksuit top and trousers. The rest we can figure out in context (i.e. for swimming a swim suit is obviously called a costume)


The Herd said...

To cue is to stand in line...we are learning the Brit's English here in St. Pete!!!

Sharon M said...
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Sharon M said...

Plimsolls are Keds (in case you haven't had a chance to discover what they are). Did you ever wear Keds in the 90s b/c I sure did! :-)

I remember reading PD James (murder mystery author from the UK), and she kept referring to "jumpers," which, you know, I think of as dress-like outfits for little girls in pigtails. I thought it was odd that adults wore them all the time until I realized that they were just sweaters. HA!

amelia said...

Haha Sharon! That image still comes to my mind even though I know a jumper is a sweater.

Thanks for letting me know about the Plimlolls--I haven't googled it yet. And of course I have to find a place nearby where I can buy them. And I did wear Keds--but in the 80's. Elementary/Jr. High thang.

Dawn said...

This is so interesting! I am hearing Ricky Gervais say these things in my head as I read all the words. It is just so funny. I am enjoying your updates greatly!

Monica said...

I love "people carriers." :-) That is cool about Fair Trade products. I tried to do more Fair Trade gifts for Christmas last year but hadn't much thought about it again until now. Thanks for popping the idea back out there as I prepare to shop for this year's go round!

p.s. I'm shore glad yur writin' all this word stuff down now cuz soon all this new vocab 'll be totally normal, and ya'll 'l be talkin' like the Brits o'er thar, and yur Texas friends and family 'll be the ones soundin' funny...teehee!

Florence said...

Keds is a good "American" term for plimsolls. They are canvas shoes with a rubber sole. They are called plimsolls because supposedly the shoe soles look like a Plimsoll line or mark, which is a line drawn on the side of a cargo ship to show how low the ship sinks when it is fully loaded. The Plimsoll mark is named after Samuel Plimsoll, an English M.P. and reformer who advocated its adoption.

Have you come across aubergine (eggplant), courgette (zucchini), or Rice Bubbles (Rice Krispies) yet?