Friday, September 04, 2009

San Antonio Trip

Jon and I lived in San Antonio for 7+years. I moved to San Antonio after I graduated from college so Jon and I could actually live in the same city while we were dating. That was back in 1997. Jon had already lived there for almost 2 years. We got married in 2000 and bought our first house in San Antonio. We had Ewan and Isaac there too. There are many things about San Antonio that feel more like home to me than anywhere else. I suppose it has something to do with establishing ourselves there, having children, buying a know, doing all that "grown up" stuff. We made some incredibly good friends there--lifelong friends.

Some of our lifelong friends.

Kids from 3 families. Each family has 3 kids who are all close in age. It is fun to get all the kids together! I have great love for all these kids (3 are my own of course).

Sweet Frida-girl trying on my glasses at Sea World.

So, of course it made sense that we would make a trip to SA before we head across the pond for 4 years. We stayed with our dear friends, The Castros. We piled their two oldest kids + our two oldest kids into one room (our boys sleeping on an air mattress on the floor). Graham, Jon and I shared a room. We are so glad The Castros invited us to stay at their house because I looked forward to all the night time fun. We stayed up way too late talking and investing in our friendship--of course it was worth it.

I'm so glad we got to go for a visit. Investing in relationships is important to us and well worth the effort!


Whitney said...

I like your blog and your pictures!

mamabrown said...

Great pictures, again! You are getting better and better...

Monica said...

I already miss you all so much! I can't believe go-time is so soon!