Monday, August 24, 2009

Celebration Park!

My mom lives near the coolest park! It is called Celebration Park and has a zero depth water park, a huge playground, trails for walking or riding bikes, 2 ponds to look at ducks, fish or turtles, soccer fields which are GREAT for kite flying. We manage to get to the park at least once a week--sometimes more.

The park has some great climbing equipment that Isaac loves to practice his climbing on. Oddly, even if it is blazing hot outside none of the boys love to play in the water portion of the park. Isaac doesn't like getting sprayed and neither does Graham. Ewan doesn't mind it so much and has played in it a few times but prefers to run around on the playground part instead.
Today we went and rode bikes there for a while and played. These are some pictures from one of our recent excursions to the park.

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mamabrown said...

So glad we live near the park for the boys. Makes me happy they like the park.