Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Case Of The Missing Tooth!

Today I picked up Ewan from Sunday school and in addition to getting his craft from his teachers, they also handed me a little baggie with a tooth in it. Apparently Ewan was doing the coloring portion of craft project and popped up announcing this his tooth came out.

I didn't think his loose tooth was that close to coming out but it most certainly was! I can even see the new tooth just coming in underneath. He said it didn't hurt at all.

I had to dig around all the packed clothes in the duffle bags for the tooth fairy pillow. We are using the tooth fairy pillow I had when I was a kid. My mom made it and passed it onto me a few months ago. After I was about to lose hope that I would find where I packed it, I found it in the one crate I packed. I had to dig around through all the space bags but I found it! So, tonight we will trade his tooth for a special Sacagawea coin and leave him a special note praising him for taking care of his teeth.

Here he is with his missing tooth!

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Carey Love said...

Congrats Ewan! I love his cheery smiling face. It could brighten anyone's day!