Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Sheep Farm

We went as a family on a field trip with Ewan's class to the Dundee Sheep Farm. Who knew a sheep farm could be so interesting?!

Here are some of the highlights:

These two pictures of Ewan capture his intense LOVE for all things satin. We were sitting at the story time part of the field trip and Ewan finds the satin edge of the blanket they are sitting on. He can't resist rubbing the soft fabric on his nose and sneaking in a little thumb sucking. The only time Ewan sucks his thumb is when he can also hold some satin.

Terry, the shepherdess, was demonstrating how the sheep know her voice as she led the sheep out to the pasture. She let out all the mammas and babies who were in the nursery. It was really interesting to watch the lambs call out for their mammas when they got separated from them. Each sheep has a unique voice and I could hear the difference when they "baaaaahd". As soon as the lamb heard its mamma it would run right to her and then try to nurse. So cute.

The picture of the ram below hadn't been sheared in 2 years because he is apparently a wily kind of a sheep. His hair was super long and he was also the Alpha sheep.

Isaac, Ewan, and his friend, Calahan all walking together.

Story time in the barn. Miss Terry read a book about how the sheep are sheared and then try to get their wool back. The kids enjoyed the story.

A mamma and her baby out in the pasture.

They named one of the lambs Amelia. We couldn't resist.

That isn't Amelia the Lamb but we can pretend it is.

Not sure what is going on here.

Ewan and his buddy Calahan. Calahan was having a hard time when he got to school today and he was riding with us to the farm. Ewan was really sweet and went over and cheered him up before we left. They hung out together the whole time.

Isaac was looking very intently at the sheep coming out to the pasture. If you look closely you can see something crack-a-lackin.

Miss Terry talking to the kids.

Here Miss Terry is showing the kids some cool chickens that they are trying to raise on the farm. They lay pink and green colored eggs--and have a funky hair-do.

Here is "Puppy" the lamb. This lamb came early and they didn't know who the mamma was so they are bottle feeding it. They also gave it to their dogs to take care of. That's right. The dogs took care of it like their own for the first month.

Everyone got to pet "puppy".

This farm was so quaint and lovely. It had a french chateau feel to it and was on some lovely land. I decided that when I get old I want a farm like that and then I can also run a retreat center out of it. Jon is in the final throws of the semester and sacrificed some precious time to come with us. Sometimes making memories together trumps.

As a side note:
**Keep Jon in your prayers since he has 4 papers due in the next week and a half. One is due tomorrow and he still isn't quite finished reading up for it.


Lauren said...

Quinn loves the pictures of the lambs. he keeps saying "baaaaa" at every one.

Dawn said...

What an adventurous day for the boys! The picture you got of the 3 boys walking up the hill is FANTASTIC.

Darlene said...

Looks like a great place!!

mamabrown said...

Wow! So sorry I missed going to the sheep farm. Looked like everyone thoroughly enjoyed time spent at the farm. Pictures are terrific again! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures. Love to all, mamabrown