Saturday, May 31, 2008

Note To Self...

Painting the bathroom is a good thing.

Yellow is a wonderful color. Yellow is happy. Yellow makes a room brighter. Yellow is great to have in a house when you live in one, if not THE grayest, city in the US.

A small half bathroom painted a bright color yellow.........

Eye piercing.

(Another) $35 bucks for a new can of paint and another afternoon spent fixing a painting disaster.


Glad it's over.


Dawn said...

Bummer. Thanks for letting us learn from your experience! So what's the new color?

amelia said...

the new color


just less yellow. "light yellow" is what the paint card said.

the previous name was "sundance". a very pretty yellow. it would have been great in the kitchen or in a much larger room. just not a very. small. bathroom.

don't get me wrong. it is still pretty, um, sunny--it just won't have you seeing sun spots when you leave the bathroom. you are supposed to relieve yourself when you use the restroom--not be relieved to leave it because you think you are going to go crazy with yellow brightness!

mamabrown said...

I think your comment was very funny...good choice of words. Glad you have a "softer" yellow on the walls so you won't feel "relieved" every time you leave the little bathroom. Sorry you had to go through the extra work -- especially since your time is pretty limited. Your description over the telephone made me think of being inside the yolk of an know, "Sunny Side Up!" I am sure it looks terrific now.