Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fun With The Camera

Every once in a while I give in and let the boys practice taking pictures with our camera. They have their own camera but mommy and daddy's camera just seems better. We had some fun with the camera and Ewan and Isaac took all these pictures. I thought it captured a spontaneous family life moment and thought I'd share it with you all.

I have to admit that while Isaac or Ewan (can't remember who) was taking this picture of me I was trying to avoid any double chin making its way into the photo! HA! Come on, you know you do it too!

I love how this one looks like a tree is growing out of my head! That is a perfect happy look on Isaac's face.


mamabrown said...

Hey there,Ewan & Isaac, you are definitely getting much, much better with your picture taking!!! A terrific improvement over the last pictures you took. Great job. You sure do have a pretty Mommy, don't you? Good job, I think you both are getting to be good photograhers!

The Herd said...

I didn't know that trick!!! I 've used a double chin trick, but never knew this one...I'm changing!
I love the twins video too!

Anonymous said...

I think those boys love their Mama! Just think--giving them the camera is like you getting your own personal photo shoot! The ones with the boys in them are cute, too. They're getting so big. And little Graham--goodness. What sweetness.