Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kissable Goodness!

Here is Graham in all his kissable goodness!

Daddy and Graham mowing the lawn together.

Concentrating hard on playing with his ball. Do you notice his heart shaped tongue? He has been sticking his tongue out a lot this week. I think it is because his two top teeth are about to bust through his gums. The heart shaped tongue must be a genetic thing because Isaac has the same shape to his tongue. Both, well all 3 boys, had a tongue tie. I wonder if it is coincidence?

Look at those squishy legs!!!

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mamabrown said...

He is SOOO beautiful! er...handsome. Love the pictures of Graham and Jon doing chores. He is so cute in every pictures. So very YUMMMMMMY. Just so huggable and arms just ache to hold him and the big boys too!