Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dun. Dun. Dun. Another Diaper Hits The Dust!

And another one fell, and another one fell, and another one fell. Another diaper hit the dust.

I have one child OFFICIALLY OUT of diapers!

Two nights ago on a whim Ewan decided that he didn't want a diaper for bedtime (the only time he wore a diaper) and that he wanted to try staying dry all night. We have been talking to him about it for a while but were waiting for him to take the initiative. Jon was pretty skeptical--mainly because Jon thought that Ewan was feeling a little lazy about putting the diaper on and that he didn't really want to stay dry at nighttime-- but I thought that if Ewan had an accident then we would just wait a while and try again. I thought he could do it if he wanted to. I have had a theory that he probably was staying dry at night and then peeing in his diaper in the morning because he knew he had it on.

So, we tried it and Ewan stayed dry all night for the past two nights. I know there will probably be an accident here and there but I am so thrilled for him! It makes me even prouder that he decided to do it himself and was successful! It feels like an extra special Mother's Day present.

And Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there!


mamabrown said...

Wow!!! What a great Mother's Day present! Way to go Ewan! You are such a big boy now...Grandma and Grandpa are so proud of you for deciding you are ready to be out of diapers at night! Good job, sweetheart! Extra loves from us. Maybe there will be a little surprise for you coming in the mail for hitting such a big accomplishment. We wish we were there to give you hugs and high fives!!!

Darlene said...

Yeah Ewan!!!!

The Herd said...

How very awesome!!!!!! So happy for you! Happy Mother's Day! present!