Monday, May 19, 2008

Need Some Music Help

Okay everyone, we are on a music mission. We are going to be making a few long car trips this summer and we want to introduce Isaac (our music lover and biggest music critic) to some new music this summer. We want to make a tradition about having something fun and new to listen to on car trips. Isaac loves Johnny Cash, Elvis, and anything Veggie Tales. He also likes Songs I Heard by Harry Connick, Jr. too. He has learned to appreciate U2--one of our top favorites--but he usually doesn't ask to listen to it.

Jon and I were brainstorming on something perhaps old to introduce on our car trip. Isaac seems to like "old" music-rock n' roll that is. I suggested the Beach Boys because it is fun, happy, and we will be making a beach trip later this summer. Jon didn't think he could handle hours on end of the Beach Boys though. We brainstormed Elvis Costello and a few others I can't remember---in other words nothing too inspiring.

It can't be country music but all other genres, including soundtracks, are an option.

What ideas do you have?


Daniel said...

The Forrest Gump soundtrack should fit the bill.

Dawn said...

Oh, definitely motown. Nothing sounds more like summer than motown. I'm sure Walmart or any store has an inexpensive motown classics cd. I LOVE MOTOWN!!!

amelia said...

Daniel-I actually did suggest the Forrest Gump Soundtrack and Jon was skeptic. It does have a lot of good oldies on it though--it is still a top choice possibility for me.

Dawn--what are some MOTOWN examples? I am intrigued--especially if they are dance worthy. Dancing is a big deal at our house and nothing passes time better in the car than having a "who can dance best in your seat" contest. Jon usually wins--big surprise?

Dawn said...

Okay, motown examples, straight off the ole motown playlist:

Aint Too Proud to Beg - The Temptations

ABC - Jackson 5

The Tracks of My Tears - Smokey Robinson

Sugar Pie Honey Bunch - the four tops

I Second That Emotion - Smokey Robinson

My Girl - The Temptations

not all of these are dance tunes though.

it looks as though i got these from The Big Chill soundtrack and the Forrest Gump soundtracks.

as far as car-dancing goes, i had some good times with pam neumann rocking out to Guster, their album called Lost & Gone Forever. but there's some language in those.

amelia said...

Dawn-Thanks for the examples! I like all those songs and every one doesn't have to be dancable--just some.

Hmmm...language is an issue since both boys have a knack for song memorization and we are already dealing with what things are appropriate to say (poo-poohead for example). I hate how my kids have learned that stuff from other kids. I know it is inevitable but I truly thought we would be the exception! That is a whole other post though!

Heather C said...

I hate cheesy kid music so our kids listen to what we like. Our latest family favorite has been HERE COME THE 123s by They Might Be Giants. The CD consists of 24 songs that are all about numbers and math concepts. We love it!!! As soon as the kids are in the van they ask for their "number songs." The CD peaked Bryson's interest in addition and he's actually started counting and adding things he sees while we are out and about. Give HERE COME THE 123s a try!

Heather C said...

We also love the You've Got Mail soundtrack.

amelia said...

Heather-Thanks for the suggestion. I like the sound of 123s. I'm definitely gonna check that out!

Dawn said...

oh, that you've got mail song has "signed, sealed, delivered, i'm yours" on it - that's motown! - so it gets my props too.

of course, that's about snail mail, so the boys might not understand. :) they could rewrite it with "signin, compose,send, i'm yours!" ha ha ha ha

and i've gotta agree, They Might Be Giants, now that's some random stuff. kids would love it!

i just got a free cd from a kids company for The Mom Crowd and after about 3 tracks i wanted to stab my eye with a fork. i guess i won't be writing a glowing review, eh?

Sharon M said...

We love Billy Joel, and a lot of it is pretty clean.

amelia said...

Eye poking definitely doesn't deserve a good review!

Two votes for They Might Be Giants. Sounds like it might be a winner.

I am still in favor of the beach boys too. I'll have to look at the some Motown greatest hits cds.

auntjay said...

Alex suggested Celine Dion...but I think he was kidding!!! I hope... Anyway, have you heard the songs that Sandra Boynton did? I bought them in Kohls several years back. Think the CD's are called "Dog Train", "Rhinoceros Tap", and "Philadelphia Chickens". The girls love them. A lot of the songs are her books sung by celebrities and are really fun. I think I have extra CD's if you want them. Just let me know and I will send them to you. I have a few more ideas but want to go look at the CD's and all the tracks on them before I post them. Will let you know what I find.

Anonymous said...

Beach Boys is fun, especially if you get the Greatest Hits and just pick and choose...We did that last year on our beach trip.

What about some big band stuff? My kids love to dance to loud, happy music like that.

The CDs that go with the Sandra Boynton books are also kinda fun (in moderation). Though I've only heard most of one.


amelia said...

Julie- No Celine Dion! Blech! I hope he was kidding too :0 If you have some extra Sandra Boynton I am definitely interested since the boys love her books.

auntjay said...

I have 2 of the Sandra Boynton books and CD's so I will get those in the mail pronto. The CD's come with books that have the words and pictures. I like the Big Band idea too. Our only other thoughts were Beatles (but you have to be careful) and people like Chuck Berry....which made me think of the "Back To The Future" Soundtrack. I looked at it and it has a few things like "Johnny B. Goode" and "Power of Love". This is kinda hard for me 'cuz the girls are into Hannah Montana and Disney Mania CD's, and I know that doens't help you!

Allison said...

I'm trying to remember the non-folky picks from my parents' record albums:
Creedence Clearwater Revival? The Rolling Stones? The Beatles? Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young?)

amelia said...

Allison--Great suggestions! I don't know much by Crosby, Stills, and Nash though but I dig The Beatles. I only know the superfamous Stones songs too. I love CCR!

Thanks everyone for brainstorming with me!

gigglepotamus said...

Hmm... what about Roy Orbison? Or Chris Isaak's "Somebody's Cryin"- very Roy Orbison-esque. I really love that song right now!

amelia said...

We thought of Roy Orbison--and he is a possibility. I know he hung with Elvis and Johnny so he is in the right era that Isaac likes so much.

mamabrown said...

Guess I might be a little late in replying but read this blog a little late because I got caught up in the pictures. How about the Supreme's - great seat dancing possiblities with arm activities...I have a two-disc CD, The Supremes Gold, I can send if you want as well as Jimmy Buffett (it might have a couple of songs that exclude drinking Margaritas!) I will go through some other things as well, what about Simon & Garfunkle (CD Sound of Silence) or just a CD with Paul Simon with some really good songs on it - 50 ways to Leave your Lover, Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard, Loves me Like a Rock, Slip Slidin Away; or The Mamas and The Papas (California Dreamin; Monday, Monday; Do You Wanna Dance; Dedicated to the One I Love; Twist and Shout; My Girl; Dream A Little Dream of Me)?? Let me know and I will ship the CDS you want to use. Love you all very much.

allison said...

I read this post a few days ago and had a light bulb moment when we were listening to the ipod a few days ago. My suggestions: Guster and Old Crow Medicine Show. Guster is poppy, fun, with interesting melodies and unique percussion. Old Crow Medicine Show is a bluegrass-rockabilly band that Erik found on itunes a few years ago. They sound really classic and "old" but they're actually young guys, in their 20's and 30's (at least that's how they look in their photos.) Language is totally an issue with both bands so do some screening if you choose either. :)