Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's Food Time!

Well, I gave in a week early and gave Graham some food. I gave him some butternut squash first, then sweet potatoes. Today we tried homemade rice cereal but he wasn't fond of it. I think tomorrow I will add some breastmilk to it to give it some flavor he is familiar with. Here are the pics from our fun day of trying food!


Sharon M said...

I remember those spoons -- they are my favorite! I think I left them in JO, though :(

I have a question about the rice cereal you make at home. Do you give him iron drops since the cereal isn't iron-fortified? Are they stinky like they used to be?

mamabrown said...

How cute is that little guy? Look at those eyes! His eyes are so very blue in the pictures. He looks like he is enjoying himself, doesn't he? Grandma wishes she could be there to watch another first... for Graham. Seeing the pictures is not being there, but it sure helps! It seems to be such a huge step in babies development when they start eating.

Amanda said...

Graham is the cutest!

This scene looks all too familiar. Butternut Squash in a white ramekin, bumpo, spoon..

I just bought some spoons like yours and really like them.