Thursday, March 13, 2008


I wish I had pictures for this one! Unfortunately I was sleeping with the baby while it all happened. At 7am Ewan came in to our room and was ready to get up for the day. Isaac came out of his room soon after Ewan did. Jon was still a little sleepy so was going to let the boys play for a little bit while he laid on the couch and snoozed. Ewan, being the persistent one that he is, told Jon that he wanted breakfast. Jon wanted to snooze and told Ewan so. Ewan asked if he could have a snack. Jon told him that if he could find a snack he could get one. So with a cute smile he came out of the kitchen holding a bag of chocolate chips. I mean, who wouldn't want chocolate chips for breakfast?! Jon told him, no of course you can't have chocolate chips for breakfast and encouraged him to find something else. Ewan went back to the kitchen to scrounge for something else.

Well, the next thing that happened was that Jon woke up on the couch and it was 7:30. And quiet. Too quiet. He was wondering where the boys were and starting calling for them. Ewan eventually came down from upstairs. Jon asked what they were doing.

Ewan, with a sweet smile, told Jon they were under Isaac's covers. "And what were you doing under the covers?", Jon asked. With that sweet, hopeful smile he responded, "Um.....eating chocolate chips and goldfish."

If Ewan had chosen to lie, Isaac's chocolate chip smeared mouth would have given them away.


I am glad that Ewan hasn't figured out how to lie yet. He was really hoping that he wouldn't get in trouble for sneaking food which is a major no-no in our house. The consequence was no dessert tonight. We have designated dessert nights on Tuesday and Thursdays so we don't have to say no all the time. It makes life a little easier.

I think Jon was a little nervous about telling me what happened. I think he thought HE was going to be the one that got busted for snoozing while mischief was happening. When things like that happened you never want it to happen on your parental watch! It could just as easily happened to me though so I wasn't going to throw stones.


mamabrown said...

Too funny! It is so wonderful that they haven't learned the technique to lie and they still just tell the truth. I think it is a good sign that you and Jon are doing something right if the kids don't feel like they have to lie to you when they get "busted."

Parents are tired and need an extra shut eye sometimes. As an insider joke,"at least he wasn't grinding M&Ms into the carpet." LOL

Anonymous said...

too funny! I can just picture the two of them under the covers together.

Miriam has figured out about lying, and then, when we ask if she is telling the truth, she says, "No." I always want to giggle then, but keep my stern face on. ;-)


The Herd said...

That is hilarious! I have too many of those caught moments--I do grab my camera and blog about them too!
Great idea about dessert nights...I might have to steal that one and use it!

Darlene said...

I love the idea of having "dessert Night".

That must have been pretty cute under the covers, I must admit, chocolate and gold fishes sounds pretty taste for breakfast.