Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ewan's Easter Party and Laughable Bloochers

I have never posted home movies on the blog before so we will see how this works. The second one is Ewan "singing" at his Easter party at school today. The first one is Isaac giving Graham bloochers before jammies and bedtime. Hopefully it works!



I got the video from our digital camera--not the movie camera so the quality isn't that great. I am hoping to include a little more video goodness occasionally. This is just the first trial.


mamabrown said...

So very cute of Isaac and Graham... and so cute of Ewan the videos. Please give hugs from Grandma to the little boys. My arms are missing hugs....

Grace H. Lin said...

cuuuteee videos!
how old are all the boys now?

Sharon M said...

Bloochers huh? We always called them "zerberts." I think Bill Cosby coined the term.

Cute videos of the boys! You guys have a great Easter this weekend.

amelia said...

Grace- the boys are 4 and a half, almost 3 and a half, and 6 and a half months.

sharon- we call them bloochers because that is what my stepdad calls them. i don't know where he got the term from but it stuck. i used to call them zerberts too.

Mimi said...

The videos are great!!! So cute...I wish PA was closer to TX!!