Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunflower Butter

Has anyone tried Sunflower butter? is quite good. We picked some up at Trader Joe's this weekend. I like to switch between peanut butter and almond butter because the boys ask for PB&J almost everyday. I get nervous about them eating too much peanut butter so I use almond butter too. I saw the sunflower butter and thought I'd try it for fun. It is sooooooo yummy! I am testing it out on the boys for lunch today. So far, no complaints. I don't think they can even tell a difference. If you like sunflower seeds then you will love this alternative to peanut butter. It is also a good source of iron!


Sharon M said...

Julian is a total PBJ addict (sometimes we "mix it up" by using honey instead of jelly). I'll have to look for PB alternatives around here. I'm sure there are some at the big fancy grocery store in town.

mamabrown said...

Tom brought some home a few days ago and it is yummy and very creamy. A good switch from PB. Tom liked it too which is saying a lot from someone who will only eat one kind of PB!