Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nuggets of Fun

Here are some pictures of some of the cool fun we have been having! After our last snow storm we had a very warm 60-something degree while the snow was still on the ground. It was a great day to play outside so we took advantage of it. The snow had been melting all day so it was a little surreal to be playing outside on a warm day surrounded by snow on the ground. I got out some plastic bowls and we made "snow cakes" with cake sprinkles and food coloring.

We also got a cookbook from grandma that has fun recipes in it for kids. We made this turtle bread. It was actually pretty easy and fun to make. I usually only make yeast bread in the bread machine so I was a little nervous making one from scratch. I'll post the recipe if anyone is interested.

We FINALLY hung some pictures on the wall! I can't believe how much homier and bright our living room feels. I rearranged some items we had on our mantle and I love it now. Try to ignore the books in the fireplace. Books are all over the house and I finally decided to put them into the fireplace as storage for all the books that end up downstairs. The gas is capped off so the fireplace doesn't work and I didn't want to put candles in it with all the small ones running around. It works for now even though it isn't quiet as aesthetically pleasing.

I still haven't taken Graham's 6 month picture but here is a picture of some fun he is having lately. This is the only toy he likes to play with sitting up. He can sit up but he prefers to play laying down--especially on his tummy. He is quite the roller and will roll all over the living room to investigate his surroundings. Neither Ewan nor Isaac were rollers like this. They usually played sitting up. It is pretty fun to watch him roll everywhere.


Dawn said...

He is so cute!!

mamabrown said...

The boys look like they are having so much fun making snow cakes...did they eat the snow cakes as well? Hmmm, when I was a kid I would certainly have thought they looked yummy enough to eat! Looks like the turtle bread turned out great, did the kids like eating Mr. Turtle? Hope he was yummy...are the eyes raisins?

The mantle looks very homey with the picture hanging over it. . . looks like one of the Monet's waterlillies,eh? Can't remember the person who painted the other one by the chair but it looks nice as well. Good job of arranging the items on the mantle.

Your home just keeps looking more comfortable and homey all the time. Very inviting.

Sharon M said...

What a great idea to make "snow cakes!" I bet the boys had lots of fun.

Darlene said...

I love that turtle, please share!

Anonymous said...

I want to make snow cakes!!!! Kiss those sweet boys for me.