Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mom, I Have A Secret!

We have a friend around our house named Lyle. Lyle the Swordfish. Do you know him?

Lyle made his appearance before our kids were conceived. Sometimes I would have a hard time falling asleep at night and Jon made up stories about a swordfish named Lyle to help me wind down.

About a year and a half ago Jon started telling the boys stories about Lyle. One of the first stories about Lyle was about how Lyle learned all his letters in a contest and the prize was to get ice cream. Lyle, of course shares his ice cream with all of his classmates.

Every once in a while Isaac likes to whisper to me, "Mom, when I learn all my letters I'm going to get ice cream!". Apparently Lyle has been a big motivator to Isaac to learn his letters. He has been interested in learning his letters for about a year now.

Truth be told, he does know all his letters. If you write the alphabet down and quiz him on the letters he knows them all. Occasionally he gets M and N confused but he gets it right a majority of the time. I haven't told him that he gets ice cream yet.

Now that he knows all his uppercase letters we are working on the lowercase letters too. We have started working on writing and surprisingly he is doing pretty good. I have started making the letters in a connect-the-dot sort of way so he can connect the dots to make the letters. He talks himself through the letter drawing. It is very cute.

He is very proud of his progress and it is so much fun for him when we write words that he chooses. On this particular day he wanted to practice writing the names of Planet Heroes.

Here he is saying "CHEESE!". When Spring comes we will be taking him to get that ice cream!


Kelly said...

Way to go Isaac! BTW, Bruster's ICA Cream is open year round and kids under 40 inches get free cones. ALSO, if you go when it's raining you get a free second scoop and when it's snowing you get a free cone! It's a good deal for a seminary budget!

Jon Parker said...

That's a great tip!
BTW, everyone, our kids have had ice cream before.

mamabrown said...

Good job, Isaac! He knows his letters really well, Mom. There is always room for ice cream! You know, we scream, you scream, they scream --- we all scream for ICE CREAM or whatever that saying is.

Sharon M said...

I wish we could get free ice cream here... free falafel just isn't as good! ;-)