Friday, February 01, 2008


I have mentioned before that the bean selection here in PA is not as good as the bean selection in Texas. There are 10+ varieties of baked beans but you can't get any Ranch Style beans and even the black bean selection is small. I needed a can of Cannelini or Great Northern beans for a soup recipe this week. I chose the only brand they had available even though I have never heard of it. I should have known.....

When you buy a can of beans with this picture on the front:

You don't expect to get this on the inside:

Pastey Bean Slime

EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! I don't think I had much "Luck" with Luck's brand of beans!


The Herd said...

That is FUNNY!! I never would have expected that picture!!! HA!
Love reading your blog.

Sharon M said...

YUU-UCK! Were the beans expired?

Totally understand the frustration. Being in SA for three months was cooking heaven for me. I'm not entirely sure about Nazareth though. It's a small city, but there's another city close to it called Nazareth Illit (pronounced like "elite" in English), so maybe between the two, I'll be able to find what I need to make food.

What about pinto beans?

amelia said...

Tthey weren't expired. I had the same thought.

pinto beans are available but not by a familiar brand. I usually make those myself.

ceciliabrie said...

i love beans, yes i do...
what travesty. can you find dried beans and just soak & cook them yourself?

Marie said...

I saw that and laughed out loud. I thought it was too funny. Gross!!