Saturday, February 09, 2008

Opinion Poll

I love it when I go out and see this sign when I need to stop in at a store because it's guaranteed close parking. For any new mom it is nice to not have to walk very far or haul the baby bucket (infant carrier) very far to the store. Especially when it is cold. Babies R' Us has them at every store. One of the grocery stores we frequent has them and today we were at the mall the the mall had some parking for new moms. It was full of course but it made me smile to see it.

Jon pointed it out as we were looking for a parking spot and I wondered aloud if Graham and I don't qualify as a "new mom and baby" anymore since he is 5 months old. Jon's thought was that as long as you have the baby in the bucket it is acceptable to park in those spots. I think he is probably right but I feel like I might get some dirty looks if I parked in one of the special spots and someone saw us.

What do you think? When should mom's give up the luxury parking?


Amanda said...

Yes! I think you still qualify as a new mother! If your child can walk, then maybe you shouldn't consider the spot. :o)

Dawn said...

I think if you have a baby under 1, it's allowable. And I'd take a dirty look over the inconvenience any day.

Abu Daoud said...

My honest answer is that you try to respect the wishes of the people who put the sign there. In other words, if it is a busy time when you think a pregnant woman might well need to use it, then don't use it. If you think it will go unused during your time in the store, then I think you can use it if you want.

If you do think your use of it will anger others, then it is best not to use it at all unless you have a compelling reason.

Sharon M said...

You can park there, as long as the spots next to the cart drop-offs are already taken :-)

Marie said...

I think you qualify!

Especially though, I really like the ones for moms with children under 5 (present). I think those should be as common as handicapped spaces. Maybe I'm the only one, but I really appreciate it when I can park close with Logan.

amelia said...

I totally realized that it shouldn't be "mom's" in my last sentence but instead "moms" when I was rereading the post. Oops!

Dawn, I wish I didn't care what people thought of me! I think I'd take the dirty look in the moment but it would eat at me for the rest of the day.

Sharon-when we go to the store I do like the spot next to the cart drop off too. I always feel like I am in a dilemna if I have to park far from the drop off. Do I take the kids all with me to the drop off after putting the groceries in the car or do I put them in the car first? I usually go with the moment and it depends on how well the boys are behaving. If they are being rambunctious then I put them in the car first.

Amanda said...

I park by the cart return too! :) So handy.

HEB here just installed parking spots at the front for moms with children. Awesome.

mommyrage said...

I agree with Amanda. If your child can walk then it's probably not for you.

I wish we had such stuff in India, no such parking rules here! Though I must admit that I have a maid so that really helps!

Lauren said...

You know I've wondered the same thing. But I don't let it stop me. Here are my thoughts on the spots (not just relegated to can I park there or not):

1. I've seen single men park in those spots. At least I have a kid with me--no matter how old. I've given dirty looks to guys without kid (this actually happened to me when Q was 2 mos old...I was pretty ticked). I would never give a women (especially in your situation) a dirty look, in fact, I'd back out and give you the darn spot. You have 3 kids!...looks be ignored!

2. Quinn can walk, but not that well, so i think I can still park there without guilt (he's 14 mos).

3. Actually, those spots are much more inconvenient for me since they are just far enough away from the cart corrals and the store that you are stuck herding your toddler between the two via carrying or walking. They should really tag the ones next to the corrals as Expectant yaddah yaddah.

4. I sort of don't like the wording of the sign; and think that the sign allows any woman who could possibly have a baby (meaning, "expectant") can park there. I will actually go as far as to say why have the sign, since it usually keeps the spot open for "others" to park there and take the darn spot from the people who need it.

5. Often Daniel wonders, "What about DADS?"

6. I really, honestly, think that any woman who is dealing with a child or many children can park there and they should rephrase it: Pregnant Women and/or Mothers/Fathers with children.

7. Finally, I am all in favor of having parking lot spots with babysitters who are hired by the store to "watch" your kids while you "run in". Those spots would be GRRRREAT! I'm so tired of waking quinn up or getting him out of his car seat for two minutes!

amelia said...

I'm with you about the babysitters spot. I often wish I could make a second adult appear in the car with a snap when I want to run into a store real quick.

Four Powells said...

That's an interesting question. I think you can park there if the baby is still in the heavy carrier AND you're not with another adult who can help you. So, if you and your husband are out and about, I think you leave it for the mom running her errands with her baby on her own or the pregnant mom whether she has someone with her or not. My grocery store has a couple spots that say "Parent with multiple children." THAT IS THE BEST ONE YET! I think parents with multiple toddlers (ME! LOL!) should get front row parking every time!

Spike said...

You totally qualify! I'd say any mom with a baby under 1-year-old should be allowed to park in those spaces sans dirty looks. I say park in good conscience and enjoy it while it lasts! :)