Thursday, January 31, 2008

One of my least favorite things about winter....

Is all the illness that comes with it. My whole family is sick. Jon got sick one week ago and is just now feeling above the 50% mark. I think he got the flu and it really wiped him out. In fact I don't know that I have ever seen him this sick since I have known him (12 years). Maybe one other time before we were married when he had walking pneumonia and food poisoning. Blech.

Ewan got bronchitis and is on meds for that. He has been running fever on and off since Saturday. Now Isaac is feeling puny. Part of Jon's illness made one of his eyes get all red and inflamed. Isaac started showing signs yesterday of the red eye illness along with a cough and runny nose. Graham this morning now has the beginnings of the red eye and a runny nose. Isaac did not sleep well last night and this morning is delirious and has a constant running commentary of his ailments.

"My toes hurt, I'm cold, my eyes are red, I'm cold, I'm sick, I don't feel good, I have a cough....." and on and on. The poor guy is sleep deprived and feeling terrible.

I am hoping that Graham won't get as bad as Isaac.

Anyway, if you all could pray for our family to get better that would be fabulous! I am taking Airborne and hoping that all the germs stay far away from me. I don't have time to get sick!


Sharon M said...

Ah, yes, we never do.

The Herd said...

I pray health and healing for all of you.
Can I lay my hands on the computer blog?! HA!

Darlene said...

I went to urgent care yesterday, I have never had such a terrible headache in my life. I got a sinus infection. It hurts soooo bad! We are watching the superbowl now and Im feeling better. I cant believe how long the junk has been at our house. Pray for healing your way!