Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sleepy and Stinky and Grumpy

Sounds like the name of some Snow White Dwarves huh?

Nope, it is me. I am so sleepy these days that my brain feels foggy. Graham has decided that he needs to wake up every 3 hours at night which means that I only get two hours of sleep at a time--if I am lucky. Last night he woke up at 11:00 (to eat), 1:20 (I put him back to sleep), 1:50 (to eat for 10 minutes), 2:30 (to eat for 10 minutes), 3:15 (to eat), 6:00 (to eat), 6:45 to be awake and eat a little more. For a full feeding at night he is usually awake for 45 minutes to one hour. I feel like a sleep deprived zombie. A little over a month ago he was sleeping for about 5 hours for his long stretch at night. What happened to that???!!!!

His naps during the day are shorter than I would like them to be. Sometimes he will sleep for over an hour but mostly during the day he is sleeping for about 30-45 minutes. 30 minutes is not long enough because he wakes up more grumpy. That means that he might take 2 naps before noon! Or maybe 4 or 5 naps in one day! What in the world? I am not keeping him up too long before he goes back to sleep so I don't think he is overtired but something isn't clicking with him quite yet. I am really wanting some more sleep!!!! The only thing that makes it tolerable is that he is such a sweet baby and so happy that it helps me survive during the day. After we go to Dallas later this month I am going to sleep train him and put him in his bed at night. I don't know that being in our bed is making him wake up more at night but I am ready to see if it helps him sleep longer when he is by himself. I think when he learns how to soothe himself a little better he won't wake up quite as often.

The stinky part is that we had some cats get under our back porch to sleep in and find cover when it snows. The result is that they have peed all on the insulation back there and now it flows into the rest of the house and in certain climate conditions the house REEKS of cat pee. Jon has been too busy getting ready for his next class to have time to get under there and rip out the peed on insulation. We boarded up the entry way so the cats can't get back in but I am really disliking the smell that permeates into the house. Bleeeecccchhhh! Stupid stray cats.

So that is me...sleepy, smelling the stink, and feeling grumpy for it.


Abu Daoud said...

I have heard that Saint Gwen, patron of breast-feeding mothers, is willing to pray for you. RE the cat pee...not sure what to do.

nicapamela said...

sweet amelia, i am so sorry you have not been getting good sleep and that there is foul odor in your house. those are two things that would make me grumpy too.

praying for you...