Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Pictures

I know where my feet are!!!

Today I stuck Graham's thumb in his mouth to see if he would like sucking on it while I was rocking him before his nap. He has learned to flip over from his tummy (how he sleeps) to his back but the problem is that he doesn't really know how to go to sleep on his back. That leads to crying and I don't want to stand over him flipping him back over. I thought that maybe he would start sucking his thumb and be able to soothe himself better. I laid him down and he kept his thumb in his mouth. Who knows if it will stick or not but at least it kept him on his tummy so he would drift off to sleep without any major incident.

Bedtime treasures....

I love this picture of Ewan and Graham together!

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Anonymous said...

How fun to see pictures!! I love the pic of you reading to your three boys. So precious. And it looks like you got your hair cut (or maybe are styling it different?). Either way--looks great! Kiss those sweet baby boys for me. -monica