Monday, December 31, 2007

More Christmas in Canada

Isaac and his Mimi walking together on the Lake.

Handsome boy.

Aaarggghhh. Pirate Ewan. Here is our pirate joke: What do pirates eat for breakfast? Aaarrrrgggghhnge juice! hahahahaha!
Graham and his 2nd cousin Graeme. When we were thinking about what to name Graham we liked the name and Jon had such great memories with his cousin Graeme (same pronunciation) that we decided to go for it and name him Graham.

Ewan and his cousin Leah checking out a dead fish on Lake Ontario.

Isaac throwing rocks into the lake.

The three cousins inspecting the water.

Isaac running to catch up in the woods.


Anonymous said... sweet. Graham is certainly looking older now...and I'm always amazed at how big Ewan and Isaac keep getting. Please give them big hugs for us all!

Tina said...

Hi All! Happy New Year! Thank you for sending my Parker Parent People back to Texas, I've missed them. I like all these pics but the 1st of of Mimi and my Teddy Isaac really blessed me!