Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ewan the Shepherd

Today Ewan's class did a participating pageant at his preschool. That means that they didn't rehearse it before performing it. They were all familiar with the Christmas story and each child got to decide if they wanted to dress up as an angel, wiseman, sheep, or shepherd. Ewan wanted to be a shepherd and he did such a great job. The leader asked the kids questions as she went through the story and Ewan answered several of them correctly. He especially knew all the questions pertaining to the shepherds. We were so proud. Of course I had a brilliant plan to record it onto our video camera, upload it to youtube and post it here so you could watch it but when I charged the camera last night I forgot to check that the plug was actually plugged into the wall. Oops. Of course the video camera ran out of batteries during the best part. So I just have still pictures.

Ewan was very proud of himself too and most of all had a fabulous time! Here are some pictures:


Mimi said...

I have never seen a cuter shepherd, and believe me I've seen a lot of shepherds over the years. Love it!!!

Tina said...

A born Shepard I say! And I dig the Crocs!

mamabrown said...

What a terrific shepherd! Ewan looks like he was enjoying himself thoroughly. Drat the luck of the video plug, the pictures are wonderful. I bet Mom and Dad were so proud! Wish we could have been there to see his first performance as a shepherd, and in a Christmas play.

Anonymous said...

He's so sweet. I think he could have been the angel!

I wish I could have seen it. Big congrats for his first theater performance!

Kelsey said...

Hey, Amelia! What's your address? Can you email it to me? Dan and I want to send you guys a Christmas Card.